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Summary: If you ever want to experience American culture, go to a southern rock concert.…I don't remember all the bands, but the big two were Outlaw and [link] .38 Special.…38 Special are the guys responsible for the entire [link] Super Troopers [link] soundtrack.
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Summary: If I go to sleep early, 2am, I'm getting about 3.5 hours of sleep before my little brother and sister are awake making noise like hell.…This morning, it was like they were trying to fuck with me an make as much noise as possible.…I'm sitting in the bed awake, listening to the sound of clanking dishes which turns into a crash as my dad drops two of them, and then transforms into the thunder of a vacuum sucking up the broken pieces of plate.
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Summary: I tried to get a different phone, so the same shit doesn't happen again, but the next phone up ( [link] samsung finesse) is $349 and they wouldn't let me just pay the difference.…Apparently, the Samsung SCH-r450 is quite glitchy…It sucks that I managed to make it fail after only a month and a half
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Summary: I'm using twitter more and more often. If you use this service, I invite you to follow me @ [link] joejiko for personal updates and @ [link] spinedesign for web related links and my company updates. I noticed that stickam has a feature that embeds twitter chat into their webcam client. I thought it was interesting, maybe I can figure out how to include something like that in my upcoming AJAX chat or on the main site. I still haven't had time to go re-learn flash.…Personal…On a personal level, I've recently had ongoing problems with my car. It's now completely non operational, which means I need to find a new car. I hate car shopping.
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Summary: Something I should say about Zeah, she's deathly afraid of storms and, yeah, it stormed today. It's also not the first time she's gotten "lost". As usual, somebody saw her wandering around. She's beautiful, so she always gets spoiled by strangers. The end of the story is that one of my neighbors harbored her. It was somebody upstairs, John & I heard a man open a door and tell Zeah to go outside. She came prancing down the steps as if nothing happened. Apparently he didn't want a confrontation because all the doors upstairs were closed when I went to investigate. So, to the shy neighbor above me: Thanks for saving me hours of walking around, posting signs, and calling animal shelters. :)…To answer the question asked in this post's title, Zeah's middle name is "Houdina".
Summary: Monday (actual birthday): Dinner with Mom & Amanda. Thanks to all my facebook friends for blowing up my wall with "happy birthday" comments! 8-)…[link] [image]
Summary: @ [link] inshaneshane "girls who consistently whine   [link] #unattractive"…@ [link] m0llybee "An outgoing personality is attractive, sluttiness isnt."…@ [link] mandagoesrawr "attractive: when a girl knows they are classy sassy & confident without having anyone tell them..unattractive: extreme insecurity"
Summary: Tonight, as in approximately 30-45 minutes ago, my roommate and I decided to take a nighttime bicycle ride to a nearby Taco Bell location.…The choice to bike instead of drive was made in an effort to be more economically friendly and gain some daily exercise.…We approached the establishment to find that their lobby had recently closed, but their drive-thru was still operational.
Summary: I get it, you can't wear the outfit she's wearing without everyone who saw you wearing it immediately vomiting, having nightmares, and potentially, immediately committing suicide.…so why don't YOU go home and don't come back out in public until you solve your fatness problem and i'll appreciate the person whose body doesn't revolt people.…some more advice to you, people might be willing to overlook how fat you are but your attitude is equally as disgusting
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Summary: My paper folding machine couldn't fold the 12pt paper I had my postcards printed on.. so now I'm going to be occupied all night with folding over 100 cards by hand! I stopped by a nearby Michaels to see if they had anything to help with my folding process. They didn't. I ended up buying a "bone folder" and a gridded mat. The Internet yielded a few tutorials so.. wish me luck!…Once everything's folded, I'll need to:…1) print the addresses and design on the envelopes
Summary: Today, the Scooter Squad (the name is a work in progress), John Hathaway and myself, decided to travel to the local Wing House for our lunch.…As we were leaving, I noticed the sky was heavy with rain clouds.…I pointed out these ominous clouds to John who, speaking with this stomach, waved them away.
Summary: The only exception to the rule is if you're wearing a helmet with a headset built into it for cellular use; However, it has to only cover one ear.…Here's the excerpt from the Florida statute:.…316.304 Wearing of headsets.–.
Summary: Once he had me pulled over, he got me for not having my registration (which I can get dropped when I go to the court house and show it to them. I'll have to pay a $10 administrative fee, of course) and for [link] wearing a headset under my helmet (the non-moving violation). So, now I get to go to court and hope that the judge notices I've had my scooter for a total of 2 days and the cop shouldn't have come down so hard on someone who was genuinely doing nothing wrong. Don't they have donuts they should be eating or something?…Leave your comments below :)
Summary: Went to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes with my mom for Mother's day. It's a salad buffet type of restaurant with a great selection and one of the only places in America that have green tea. My mom is so great :) As we were leaving, an older couple stopped us in surprise at all the kids in our company.…My sister is a mom too with her three kids!…The stranger couldn't believe that my mom is a grandmother.
Summary: 1) help people understand each other better and 2) help a person understand their beliefs better.…If you can't stand up for what you believe in, you probably don't believe it very strongly anyway.…Note: Facebook deleted this post because she's obviously a pussy and reported it. Sadly, the entire discussion was lost. Oh well. I believe in freedom of speech, so feel free to start a new one in a space that I control :)
Summary: Chris um i am a christian but all i know is that when i go buy a car i want to test drive it before i buy it casue i dont want to be stuck with payments on a car i dont like not dont get me wrong i am not saying girls are cars but its the only thing i could think of!!!lol.…Timothy you dont need to have religion to be faithful.…Joe Jiko Lol or we can just have sex because it's fun and recreational..
Summary: Taylor Nichole Hewitt I read back not long ago about a girl you and your girl pow wow were making fun of and of your one friends phobia of fat. And I never said I was better I just said it was sad. please make sure you don't put words in peoples mouths its a rather nasty habit of a small minded people, I said joe has amazing skills and talents and is above these antics of a highschooler. You all should know beauty ages dies, but ignorance does not. I knew by giving my option I would be attacked for it, oh well. oh and joe? your over conceited-ness is rather annoying, if not extremely unattractive.…Taylor Nichole Hewitt Though I would still like to be friends with you Joe you do have a brilliant mind, I would just hope you would do some meditation on the word kindness. A heart doesn't need to be filled with pain hurt or hate.Kindness is the only way to peace, but it can be a lonely road though because of it.…Joe Jiko „Taylor I'm not opposed to the idea. However, we can't be friends until you stop assuming things about me that aren't true. Also, I don't care if you don't find me attractive.. I'm not trying to attract anyone ;)
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Summary: With the Moon in this sign, your primary need is to feel useful and that your skills and talents are contributing to the health and welfare of the greater whole.…You have a practical intelligence and natural attention to detail, which combined with the intelligence of your fingers, makes you skilled at making and growing.…Whether it be weaving, knitting or other crafts, you will find great satisfaction in creating useful objects out of natural materials and will always derive emotional nourishment from any interaction with the natural world and its creatures, with whom you often have an uncanny affinity.
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Summary: Okay I know I post sort of semi-regularly so it's probably not an issue, but, a lot of those sites were personal sites and I was thinking to myself, "what if this person is dead?".…Probably messed up the punctuation somewhere in that last sentence.…Whatever!
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Summary: Currently at Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Port Charlotte where she's getting a blood transfusion (because she was anemic) and will be recovering for the next few days.…She's currently staying in North Port with my parents while she recovers.…Thank you everyone who tuned in as the story played out