No more Taco Bell

Tonight, as in approximately 30-45 minutes ago, my roommate and I decided to take a nighttime bicycle ride to a nearby Taco Bell location. The choice to bike instead of drive was made in an effort to be more economically friendly and gain some daily exercise. We approached the establishment to find that their lobby had recently closed, but their drive-thru was still operational. Finding ourselves slightly inconvenienced, we decide to wait in the small line at the drive-thru. Although there were no "rules of the drive-thru" posted to exclude bicycle traffic, the employee rudely rejected our order, and informed us that we must be in a vehicle to purchase food through the drive-thru. Upon attempting to protest-and still trying to give Taco Bell our business-we were cut short by this employee and told to go elsewhere.

"Florida’s Bicycle Laws
In Florida the bicycle is legally defined as a vehicle. Bicyclists have the same rights to the roadways... [source] [supporting Florida statute]"

In conclusion, we returned home and ordered a full meal from Mugs 'N' Jugs instead. Yeah, we could've driven back to Taco Bell after we got home, but the whole experience left a bad taste in our mouths. No more Taco Bell for a long, long while.

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