I received an email today from a friend of mine with this question. I decided to devote some thought to it and see what answers I could pull from my twitter/facebook community.
My list
attractive qualities:
honesty, compassion, understanding.
respectful, classy, articulate, intelligent, educated, curious
must be able to listen, compromise and problem solve without becoming upset
in control of herself and her emotions
loyal, thoughtful, selfless
aware of her strengths and weaknesses
socially active, friendly, and engaging
healthy, physically active, sports or exercise
unattractive qualities:
jealousy, excessive anger, intolerance, need for control
disorganized, obsessive, messy, dirty, vulgar
acting out for attention, inappropriate dress
physically lashing out, pushy, abuse
From twitter:
"Attractive: Being strong and powerfu. i.e. @JENNIWOWW"
"Girls who "need" you. #unattractive"
"Girls who eat like slobs.  #unattractive"
@inshaneshane "girls who consistently whine  #unattractive"
@m0llybee "An outgoing personality is attractive, sluttiness isnt."
@mandagoesrawr "attractive: when a girl knows they are classy sassy & confident without having anyone tell them..unattractive: extreme insecurity"
@ardehp "(unattractive: girls)  that don't take the pill when they have a regular fling every few days. Why force the men to wear tight latex around them?"
From Facebook:
Elle Harmer "I'd say lack of self... not being able to define herself without an outside romantic influence"
Thanks to everyone who contributed :)

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