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joejiko (10:09:08  AM): i havent slept all night
joejiko (10:09:15  AM): i had some weird dream about an asian family
mariah (10:09:24  AM): So you did sleep
joejiko (10:09:27  AM): no
mariah (10:09:31  AM): yes
joejiko (10:09:34  AM): it was like.. meditation?
joejiko (10:09:39  AM): or a vision or something
joejiko (10:09:44  AM): because i was still aware of the real world
joejiko (10:09:52  AM): while watching this vision thing
mariah (10:09:58  AM): LOL!
joejiko (10:10:01  AM): i just called it a dream so you'd understand better
mariah (10:10:10  AM): ok
joejiko (10:10:19  AM): but anyway
joejiko (10:10:22  AM): idk what the point was
joejiko (10:10:29  AM): but it was located somewhere in tampa
joejiko (10:10:32  AM): i was driving around
joejiko (10:10:35  AM): and i got lost
joejiko (10:10:44  AM): but i was like.. idk if i should ask for directions
joejiko (10:10:48  AM): cause this place is ghetto
joejiko (10:10:51  AM): but i stopped anyway
joejiko (10:10:58  AM): but my breaks didnt work or something
joejiko (10:11:02  AM): and i ran over some black guy's record??
mariah (10:11:12  AM): LOLOLOL
joejiko (10:11:13  AM): and i was like OMG SORRY MY BREAKS DIDNT WORK
joejiko (10:11:19  AM): then they magically worked
joejiko (10:11:26  AM): and i parked in a parking lot
joejiko (10:11:32  AM): that was magically in front of the black peoples' house
mariah (10:11:33  AM): WTF?
joejiko (10:11:40  AM): and i offered them all cigarettes
joejiko (10:11:56  AM): and some guy offered me one
joejiko (10:11:59  AM): but it was a menthol cool
joejiko (10:12:01  AM): and i was like ew
joejiko (10:12:06  AM): or a camel smooth
joejiko (10:12:08  AM): which isn't real
joejiko (10:12:12  AM): but i hate camels and smooths
joejiko (10:12:17  AM): but anyway
joejiko (10:12:24  AM): half the cigarettes were retarded
joejiko (10:12:33  AM): and this cigarette carton must've been huge
joejiko (10:12:37  AM): because there was rolling paper
joejiko (10:12:43  AM): and like.. full tobacco leaves and shit in it
joejiko (10:12:55  AM): but then i left the black people
joejiko (10:12:59  AM): and ended up at some apartments
joejiko (10:13:05  AM): and i walked into someone's house
joejiko (10:13:12  AM): but it was like a restaurant
joejiko (10:13:15  AM): and they made me food
joejiko (10:13:26  AM): and there were these two hot asian girls
joejiko (10:13:31  AM): they might've been twins
joejiko (10:13:37  AM): but they didn't talk
joejiko (10:13:42  AM): it was soo weird
joejiko (10:13:55  AM): but their family loved me for some reason
joejiko (10:13:57  AM): and made me tons of food
joejiko (10:14:06  AM): and then they were poor all of a sudden
joejiko (10:14:13  AM): and i was hanging out with this one asian girl
joejiko (10:14:25  AM): i don't remember anything else
joejiko (10:14:26  AM): blah.
mariah (10:14:53  AM): Yaaa, that was a dream.
mariah (10:15:03  AM): Dreams dont make logical sense, and that my dear.
mariah (10:15:07  AM): mande no sense at all
mariah (10:15:11  AM): made*
joejiko (10:15:14  AM): it makes sense
joejiko (10:15:18  AM): i just haven't figured it out yet
joejiko (10:15:22  AM): and it's not a dream
joejiko (10:15:30  AM): it's a visual communication from my subconscious mind

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