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facebook chat 04/25
Sierra Curtier  9:33  pm
lol joe do u remember some girl named racheal green?
Joe Jiko  9:33  pm
show me faces
idc about names.
Sierra Curtier  9:33  pm
ok hangon
okay well its not that important but i remember one time she was with me while i was walking to target and i saw you and you gave me a hug and she asked for one and you said...i dont hug fat chicks lol
Joe Jiko  9:35  pm
i am such a fucking G
Sierra Curtier  9:35  pm
i agree<3
Joe Jiko  9:35  pm
seriously. i just died laughing.
Sierra Curtier  9:36  pm
i dont know why people dont like ur attitude :) i think its amazing haha

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