Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Combos

Seal Self-Destruct ()

Seal Shackle Blade ()

Seal Stench ()

Seal Back Attack ()

Seal Affinity Down ()

Seal Reinforcements ()

Seal Shackle Driver ()

Seal Blowdown ()

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Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Boosters

Boosters increase your chance of certain affinity rolls when bonding blade cores.

Bravery: Fire/Water
Truth: Wind/Ice
Compassion: Electric/Earth
Justice: Light/Dark

Move Spotify's offline files to another hard drive with a directory junction

I recently migrated my Windows installation to a Samsung m.2 drive. Since the capacity for those drives is expensive, I want to keep any unnecessary files off it.

Using TreeSize (free) to check for large directories and files, I noticed that Spotify was storing over 10gb of files in local app data with no option in the app to choose a different location.

That's when I discovered that Windows 10 actually has a command to create symbolic links and directory junctions!

To solve the problem:

  • locate the Spotify storage directory (mine was C:\Users\Jiko\AppData\Local\Spotify\Data) and delete it

  • create a new directory where you want to put Spotify's data (mine is D:\Spotify\Data)

  • open a command prompt  (windows+r)

  • create a Directory Junction

mklink /J "C:\Users\Jiko\AppData\Local\Spotify\Data" "D:\Spotify\Data"

Spotify won't know the difference and your hard drive will be free :)

Pin a non-installed program to the Windows 10 start menu

Note: This also works on non-programs (files, folders, websites, etc.)

  • Open the start menu and type 'run'

  • In the run app, type "shell:programs" and hit OK. This will open up the start menu programs folder (mine was at \Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

  • Create a shortcut to the exe file
    - right click on the program/file and choose send to desktop (create shortcut)

  • Drag the new shortcut into the programs folder that just opened up

Zelda Breath of the Wild Amiibo cannot be used again today (Switch)

"This amiibo can not be used again today" ..but I didn't use it today!

There is a delay of 24-hours between using most Amiibo.. but randomly it seems to not reset this timer. Fix this by restarting the Switch.

OK.. How do you restart the switch?

Hold the power button on the actual console tablet and a menu will pop up. Choose "Power Options" and you will get the option to Restart or Turn Off the switch.

It can't be restarted with the controllers alone.

If that doesn't fix it..

  • Close Zelda if it's open

  • Disable the Internet connection

  • Go into Date and Time settings

  • Turn off synchronize clock via internet.. that will unlock the option to edit date and time.

  • Set the clock 24 hours (1 day) ahead.

    note: you can actually set the clock backwards too.. just note that your save files are in chronological order so make sure you load the correct saves after.

Try the busted Amiibo again.. it should work.

Linux - Manually mount a drive to shared location

Format drive and create desired permissions (GParted)

List drives with uuid
sudo blkid
ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid
lsblk -f

Create folder wherever you want to access the drive with correct permissions
mkdir /media/data.ext2

Add to fstab (This will automatically mount it as desired on startup)
sudo edit /etc/fstab
UUID=f48dc231-02 /media/data.ext2 ntfs-3g permissions,auto 0 0

sudo mount -a

Final Fantasy XV - Items to not sell

UPGRADE MATERIALS (and where to get them)

  • Rusted Bit
    Common collectible

  • Glass Gemstone
    Common collectible

  • Sturdy Helixhorn
    Leukorn (75% horn break), Duplicorn (10% horn break) (Old Lestallum hunts)

  • Metal Scrap
    Common collectible

  • Coeurl Whiskers
    Coeurl (50%, SW Duscae), Elder Coeurl (100%, Taelpar Rest Area hunt)

  • Cactuar Needle
    Collectible south of Vesperpool, enemy rarely appears in various places

  • Dynamo
    Collectible (Outside Glacial Grotto)

  • Sky Gemstone
    A Feline Feast sidequest

  • Hydraulic Cylinder
    Collectible (north of Fort Vaullerey)

  • Magnetron
    Collectible (Gralea)

  • Magitek Core
    Collectible (Gralea)

  • Monster Claw
    Bandersnatch (100%, Malmalam Thicket)

  • Barbed Scythe
    Killer Wasp (75%, Malmalam Thicket)

  • Earth Gemstone
    Common Collectible

  • Spiked Armor
    Skarnbulette (75%, break appendage, Cauthess Rest area hunt)

Table 'performance_schema.session_variables' doesn't exist.

I encountered this error in Mysql version 5.7.13 after upgrading Laragon when attempting to connect with HeidiSQL.

Here's how to fix it (from the command line):
mysql -u {user} -p
mysql> set @@global.show_compatibility_56=ON;

Replace {user} with your actual username (probably root). When it prompts for password.. enter your password.

This is a temporary fix that would need to be run once on server start.

If it fixes your issue, add this to your my.ini:

show_compatibility_56 = 1

You should already have options under [mysqld] .. append this new one to that section or modify existing entry accordingly.

How to No Man's Sky

- Where to find Atlas Pass v2, v3 recipes
Use bypass chips at beacons and search for Operation Centers. Get enough of them right and you will have them

- What to do with Atlas Stones
Save 10 of them and turn them in to the Atlas station during the Atlas path mission to create a new star

- Move a little faster on the ground
Hit the melee button while sprinting (r3, r1) then use your jetpack (x) to do a "long jump"

- Upgrade your ship for cheap
two options here:
1) save up then delete all the upgrades from your current ship when you're ready to go ship shopping. The ships that show up are relative to your current ship's value

2) find a distress beacon on the planet to lead you to a damaged ship you can salvage. The damaged ship will sometimes have more slots and it's MUCH cheaper to repair the launcher than buy a new ship outright