Today, the Scooter Squad (the name is a work in progress), John Hathaway and myself, decided to travel to the local Wing House for our lunch. As we were leaving, I noticed the sky was heavy with rain clouds. I pointed out these ominous clouds to John who, speaking with this stomach, waved them away. We disregarded the clouds and set forth to our destination. It was barely 5 minutes down the road when the rain hit us! Tiny, needle-like drops pelting us at forty miles per hour. Neither of us had proper rain gear, so we rode vulnerably in our hoodies. Needless to say, we were soaked within a very short time. We diverted to a Walmart with a gas station on the same side of the road for cover and waited until it cleared.
In Florida, it's very common to run into patches of heavy to mild to nonexistant rainfall in a matter of feet. It was literally raining in front of us while being clear behind us! I took the opportunity to spend a dollar to fill up my gas tank and then we proceeded to Wing House. Nothing else exciting after that. We ordered some boneless wings and went home to enjoy!

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