Tattoo concept #1 - "Godzilla destroying tokyo"

Location: upper back

Design elements

  • japanese rising sun

  • godzilla/gojira

  • "gojira" in katakana

  • city of tokyo silhouette

  • tokyo tower

  • mount fuji


  • wide-angled scene of tokyo being destroyed by godzilla. godzilla is standing on the left shoulder, 20% margin from the left, facing to the right with his mouth open & the rising sun coming up behind him and extending over the shoulder in a fading gradient. he's actively engaged in destroying the city but is gazing outward as if to attack the onlooker. the japanese "GOJIRA" written vertically just to the right of his mouth. in the background, on the right, mount fuji. Somewhere in the scene of tokyo should be tokyo tower.

  • godzilla should be drawn with the most amount of detail possible but without over-detailing. comic or anime-style is preferred. he should look powerful & dangerous but not evil.

  • some of the tokyo buildings should be smashed and/or on fire.


  • Full color or selective color. Tokyo should be a black silhouette, maybe the buildings closest could have some color.. mount fuji can either be silhouetted or colored. The rising sun must be red. Gojira must be colored or the whole thing just won't feel as powerful..

Additional notes:

This should be an original artwork. I don't necessarily like the Classic look of godzilla. I am looking for a more modern and clean-looking illustration of Tokyo's giant lizard that resembles him, but overhauls his appearence and image.

Supporting images:

*click to view full size image

  • mount fuji

  • godzilla poster with japanese "gojira" written in katakana

  • blue godzilla

  • godzilla destroying tokyo

  • tokyo city

  • tokyo city

  • tokyo city with mount fuji in the background

  • aerial birds eye view of tokyo city

  • tokyo tower at night

  • tokyo city with tokyo tower and mount fuji in the background

  • tokyo city at sunset with tokyo tower and mount fuji in the background


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