I was pulled over by a cop at 2am who told me that this was illegal. Somebody please explain to me how this could possibly be illegal? (see drawing below)

He walked up to me as I was taking off my helmet. I had my bluetooth headset on and I bumped the "play" button by accident as he approached me so I couldn't hear what he said. After I fumbled it off, he said "That little stunt you pulled, ducking behind that truck into the mexican store to avoid the light,"  "OK", I said, "Yeah, you can't do that. It's not safe. You come out turning on 62nd and you get splattered". Seriously dude? It's 2am! There are NO cars on the road.  I looked both ways. I made a safe turn onto a road. He took my license (I didn't have my registration with me), and came back with this:
He made me wait for a really, really long time. My guess is that he was trying to think of something to nail me with. He came back talking about the total charges coming to over $500 including the "red light violation" and how he was going to "cut me a break" by not charging me with the red light violation. The obnoxious part is, I didn't violate a red light! He never should've pulled me over. Once he had me pulled over, he got me for not having my registration (which I can get dropped when I go to the court house and show it to them. I'll have to pay a $10 administrative fee, of course) and for wearing a headset under my helmet (the non-moving violation). So, now I get to go to court and hope that the judge notices I've had my scooter for a total of 2 days and the cop shouldn't have come down so hard on someone who was genuinely doing nothing wrong. Don't they have donuts they should be eating or something?
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