I found this while browsing the Internet one day. Unfortunately, I didn't note the source. Most of these match my personality dead-on.
1. He thinks out ­side the box and, as for his lifestyle, he hasn’t even noticed where the box is as he doesn’t live inside boxes of any sort.
2. A great risk-taker and gam ­bler. He enjoys it, but the money he wins doesn’t stick around very long.
3. For some ­one as loud, intense and emphatic as him ­self, he is sur ­pris ­ingly gen ­tle with babies, kit ­tens and grand ­moth ­ers’ teacups.
4. His senses are aware of the fine details and dif ­fer ­en ­ti ­a ­tion in all sen ­sory input. An incred ­i ­bly fine tuned sense of touch, taste, smell and visual aes ­thetic.
5. This is a per ­son who is NOT in the least bit into self-denial! He wants what he wants and will go after it directly.
6. In most sit ­u ­a ­tions, he will auto ­mat ­i ­cally assume that he is in charge and then be very sur ­prised if any ­one objects or chal ­lenges his author ­ity. It doesn’t bother him to be chal ­lenged, just very, very sur ­prised.
7. Not in the least bit passive-aggressive. If he is angry at you, he will let you know imme ­di ­ately and emphat ­i ­cally.
8. He can be extremely moody, with bouts of both depres ­sion and ela ­tion through ­out his life. A lit ­tle more ten ­dency to the depres ­sion, but has gen ­uinely upbeat times as well. Work ­ing on projects that use his imag ­i ­na ­tion will always lift him up as cre ­ativ ­ity is his best escape from depres ­sion.
9. A love of the writ ­ten and spo ­ken word: music, poetry and lit ­er ­a ­ture. A well-turned phrase delights him as much as a well-turned omelette. If this per ­son is not a writer, he should be.
10. Cre ­ative, imag ­i ­na ­tive think ­ing is as nat ­ural to him as breath ­ing.
11. Innately and nat ­u ­rally monog ­a ­mous in his true love rela ­tion ­ships. He may have a bit of a rov ­ing eye and a rov ­ing hand, but he doesn’t have a rov ­ing heart.
Number 8 is the story of my life.

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