Terms of service

By being a member and using JoeJiko.com (and all apps, extensions, and services), you agree to everything on this page. I don't care if you do or not but if you don't agree, you can't use JoeJiko.com (and misc crap I make) anymore.

Your Account

Your account is your responsibility. Authorization is done via OAuth anyway so if someone does get into your account.. you probably have bigger issues. If something does happen I'll try to help but there's no guarantee I'll be able to fix anything.

Our license to you

Don't blatantly copy anything you see here or source code from apps, extensions, and services. If you want to use something.. please ask.

Your license to us

Anywhere you can post stuff.. don't post stuff you don't own.

If you can post things.. Don't post anything nasty or copyright-infringing.

Don't do bad things from JoeJiko.com. If you do, I'll drop the ban hammer (remove and block your account, IP, OAuth login)

Your responsibilities

You need to be 18 or older to register an account. In case you do something bad.. I need to be able to hold you responsible.

If you're under 13, you can't use JoeJiko.com or its services. If you are 13 or over but under 18, have your legal guardian register for you. It's the same rules Google and Facebook have.. so you shouldn't be able to login anyway unless you lied to sign up for those accounts first.

Don't lie when registering. Using an alias name is fine though.

Follow all local laws that apply to you.

If your account is hacked, let me know as soon as possible.

I don't monitor all activity on JoeJiko.com accounts (or activity to connected accounts). It's up to you to use the services responsibility.

Impermissible Acts

As a condition to your use of JoeJiko.com (apps, services, etc.), you agree:

  • Not to be a jerk
  • Not to break laws.
  • That I (Joe Jiko) might sign in as you to help with a support request, but otherwise won't look at your account or data. If I'm legally required to provide information to the government that they request, I will, but not otherwise.


If you provide an idea, I might use it, in which case it's protected by all the same rules on this page.

Payment, Refunds, Upgrading, and Downgrading

All sales final unless otherwise stated in writing.

If you have a monthly plan, I'll re-bill automatically every 30 days.

If you're required to pay taxes on a subscription.. that's on you to figure out.

If you remove your subscription you may lose access to some features.

Violation of these terms of service

I will delete anything that violates the rules. I have the right to take legal action against violations of the rules.

Cancellation and Termination

If you don't want your account anymore, it's up to you to delete it. You can do it right from the site. If you submitted public data (questions, comments, reviews, ratings, etc.), I can't guarantee it will be removed when your account is deleted.

If you delete your account, assume everything in it is gone forever.

Don't use JoeJiko.com for asset storage or non-account related things.. get an Amazon Drive or whatever.

Modifications to JoeJiko.com (apps, extensions, etc.) and Prices

I don't plan on shutting down the site or services.. but it could happen if it has to.

If I change the prices, I'll give at least 30 days of notice first.

I update things all the time.. Hopefully you like it, but if you don't like it, you're free to leave.. Not my problem.

I might change the privacy policy sometimes. I'll let you know when that happens.

Copyright and Content Ownership

Your account and account data is yours. Anything you post to JoeJiko.com publicly and JoeJiko.com (apps, extensions, etc.) itself is mine.

Notification of claims of infringement

Contact me if you need to report a copyright infringement.

Disclaimer of warranties

There might be downtime or bugs. The features might not always work the way you want.

You use JoeJiko.com (apps, extensions, etc.) of your own free will and are responsible for your actions.

I respond to emails from users the best I can, but priority will be given to users who pay.

If you live somewhere where warranties don't apply.. then it doesn't apply.

Limitation of liability

I can't be liable for the misuse of JoeJiko.com accounts or services not meeting your needs.

Don't blame me if you're using a service on JoeJiko.com that goes down and you lose out on something.

If something really bad happens to the datacenter.. the site will go down.


If you get in trouble with the law for something you did on JoeJiko.com, that's on you and you agree it's not my fault. If someone contacts me about something bad you did, I'll forward it to you.


If part of the terms are in conflict with laws in your region, the rest of the terms still apply. Feel free to ask me about it.