Taylor Nichole Hewitt you might mean well but how you come off is kinda more of a attack and joke then anything else.Almost like a bully picking on a kid at school.
Taylor Nichole Hewitt you have your points, just be the bigger man when expressing your ideas.
Joe Jiko „Taylor try not to be so judgmental. I know exactly what I'm doing.
Christian Ariel Joe is like Hunter Moore but without nudes.
Taylor Nichole Hewitt yes I know you know, and that's why it saddens me, everyone finds joy from picking on people for there beliefs, may they be wrong or not, people are people.People have feelings.And watching the world around me I see nothing but people making excuses as to why they bully the other.They may be at fault as well.But you post enough things for me to read to see you attack people for grammar for how fat they are and for there beliefs. Then make a joke out of it all with a bunch of girls who wanna brown nose you backing you up. Its sad. They may start things with you or you start things with them.But in the end your being a bully whose antagonizing people, trying to make them break down then post there point of breaking down online for everyone to see.
Joe Jiko „Taylor it saddens me that you misunderstand so much..
Taylor Nichole Hewitt I just read. My best subject is comprehension. You have alot more in you then to fall to that level, your talented and you have skills. If someones bothering you or trying to bring out the worst in you delete them. Don't let it get to a point where then you are the bully then.
Joe Jiko „Taylor your comprehension skills have failed you here. I'm a lot more complex then you perceive me to be. Also, you've totally got my purpose wrong. I'm not in the habit of explaining myself.. so I'll let you figure it out on your own.. or not. Whatever.
Joe Jiko „Taylor as a side note, your condescension is kind of annoying.
Skylar „^ I was about to bring up her being condescending lol.
Joe Jiko Her first mistake was "everyone finds joy from picking on people for their beliefs"
Taylor Nichole Hewitt water under the bridge for me, you just don't like people having other views then you.Im pretty sure if I was fat you all would be attacking me now about that. Delete me if you want. And if anything I complimented you.Re read why don't you?
Joe Jiko „Taylor you don't know me at all.. :/ I LOVE people having other views than I do. I don't care if you're fat or not.. I've never "attacked" anyone for being fat and I wouldn't delete you unless you were babbling abusive nonsense at me or someone else. Pay attention next time.
Skylar Honestly, what is the point of trying to analyze how a person thinks or acts over Facebook? You don't seem sweet or caring, your comprehension and "complimenting" skills are atrocious. You were anything but complementing him, you are being condescending and arrogant. It's like saying "Oh, you look a lot better with your hair down". You're not particularly being direct with your insult, but it's there. And here you are going "but you post enough things for me to read.." who the hell gives a fuck about what you read? It's as though you're saying you're in a higher position in which you have been given the right to judge his views and actions, which you don't approve of. And that, is being condescending. So no, you're not complementing anyone.
Skylar Sheen And what exactly are you doing by commenting on this status and calling him a bully? you're indirectly doing the same thing he's doing, but you're trying to mask it by being the hero.
Joe Jiko „Skylar stop brown nosing ;)
Skylar oh yeah, brown nosing because I'm right :c
Joe Jiko „Skylar nah you're probably just saying that for my D ♥
Skylar oh yeah give it to me
Taylor Nichole Hewitt I read back not long ago about a girl you and your girl pow wow were making fun of and of your one friends phobia of fat. And I never said I was better I just said it was sad. please make sure you don't put words in peoples mouths its a rather nasty habit of a small minded people, I said joe has amazing skills and talents and is above these antics of a highschooler. You all should know beauty ages dies, but ignorance does not. I knew by giving my option I would be attacked for it, oh well. oh and joe? your over conceited-ness is rather annoying, if not extremely unattractive.
Taylor Nichole Hewitt Though I would still like to be friends with you Joe you do have a brilliant mind, I would just hope you would do some meditation on the word kindness. A heart doesn't need to be filled with pain hurt or hate.Kindness is the only way to peace, but it can be a lonely road though because of it.
Joe Jiko „Taylor I'm not opposed to the idea. However, we can't be friends until you stop assuming things about me that aren't true. Also, I don't care if you don't find me attractive.. I'm not trying to attract anyone ;)
Joe Jiko I ♥ Caitlyn even if she's lurkinnnn :P
Taylor Nichole Hewitt well I don't care if you find me annoying so I guess we are at draw here sir. and don't winky face me, you love the attention these girls throw at you, you are but a man in the end. And if you want me to stop assuming things then be the bigger man, prove me wrong. And next time you wanna laugh go watch a comedy or read one instead of laughing at someones mistakes. or go on 4chan that place was made for shits and giggles
Taylor Nichole Hewitt not to mention nudes
Taylor Nichole Hewitt lol
Joe Jiko Assumptions, sexist comments, and condescension. I'm done replying to you on this.
Skylar I really can't get over how condescending everything sounds. "you are but a man in the end".
Skylar though that's more sexism than being condescending, but I digress
Taylor Nichole Hewitt that was ment to be playful but it is the truth you seem to forget Iv spoken to you before with a friend on stickam, so I know very well
Taylor Nichole Hewitt you even had the d gray man lines on your face at the time
Caitlyn Taylor... You're being rude and making yourself look rather uneducated.... And yes Joe i'm lurkin.. Lol. I find your "over conceited-ness" extremely entertaining. And the people you attract that choose to argue with you... Also entertaining. If you're conceited because you're usually right and you know it, more power to you :)
Joe Jiko „Taylor as I said before, you don't know me at all.
Caitlyn Lol but i'm curious.... Where do you find these people??
Taylor Nichole Hewitt girls if you don't mind im having a convo with him not you last time i checked. and Joe thats why I said prove me wrong.
Joe Jiko „Taylor why would I prove you wrong? Whatever you think or say doesn't make it true.. so as the courts say "innocent until proven guilty" You can't prove what you say is true.. because it's not. & Caitlyn the Internetz lol. I guess they kind of accumulate over time.
Taylor Nichole Hewitt Well I am right considering you v had me on your shit for 4 years and all you and your friends nag about is stupid bitch this and fat bitch that and look at this retard you all sound like children grow up, behind all that photoshop you all look exactly like you act on the inside
Joe Jiko „Taylor LOL your perception of my posts for 4 years does not constitute fact. You're incredibly biased and your opinions are unfounded. So.. I'll be disregarding them. If you have an actual legit concern, you're welcome to contact me privately.
Caitlyn Lol all I did hunny was offer my opinion... Last time I checked you were doing the same. Pot calling the kettle black? Learn some humility sweetheart.
Taylor Nichole Hewitt i just cant handle this type of stupid, i thought i could go about this civilly but fuck it I dont need to see negative shit before me everyday. I will do the pleasure of deleting myself you blind people are ugly on the inside, and when your older maby then will you finally remember my words, and fuck i feel like the lorax speaking for the trees
Joe Jiko Saw that coming. Don't let the digital door hit ya on the way out!
Taylor Nichole Hewitt dont worry ill make sure to lick it for good measure and take a shit while im at it =)\
Joe Jiko You know, they say stupid people think they're smarter than they really are.
Taylor Nichole Hewitt like u
Joe Jiko I never called you stupid.. and you're the one who said I was brilliant. Good job with the contradiction again ;)
Joe Jiko Now stop being a bully before you leave.. the irony is making me sick.
Taylor Nichole Hewitt one can be brilliant at skills but stupid at heart
Taylor Nichole Hewitt oooo u are soo lucky u live 3 hours away from me
Caitlyn Yea, lol, who is being conceited now? Wow. Anyways Joe.... How's your week been? Excited for the weekend?
Joe Jiko I'm neither.. and I have the IQ tests, awards, and grades to prove it. What do you have?
Taylor Nichole Hewitt i live near both of you thats wat i have
Joe Jiko SERIOUSLY. AND violent threats? You Taylor Nichole Hewitt are a moron. G'day.
Taylor Nichole Hewitt iv never said anything violent
Taylor Nichole Hewitt i know the law
Taylor Nichole Hewitt and iv copied your bullies for years now
Taylor Nichole Hewitt and i was guna do a report on it
Taylor Nichole Hewitt but thought id talk to you first but now im guna let my editor have there own fun
Joe Jiko That's amusing. Go for it :)
Taylor Nichole Hewitt i will, but all i will say is "outlaws"

Summary: I'm a bully because I talk about fat people and grammar.. Erm, did you see any proof of me attacking anyone? Oh well, personal opinion is enough to throw him in the slammer!
My favorite parts are the asides :)
Taylor's profile can be found here --> [link]
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