Summary: Taylor Nichole Hewitt I read back not long ago about a girl you and your girl pow wow were making fun of and of your one friends phobia of fat. And I never said I was better I just said it was sad. please make sure you don't put words in peoples mouths its a rather nasty habit of a small minded people, I said joe has amazing skills and talents and is above these antics of a highschooler. You all should know beauty ages dies, but ignorance does not. I knew by giving my option I would be attacked for it, oh well. oh and joe? your over conceited-ness is rather annoying, if not extremely unattractive.…Taylor Nichole Hewitt Though I would still like to be friends with you Joe you do have a brilliant mind, I would just hope you would do some meditation on the word kindness. A heart doesn't need to be filled with pain hurt or hate.Kindness is the only way to peace, but it can be a lonely road though because of it.…Joe Jiko „Taylor I'm not opposed to the idea. However, we can't be friends until you stop assuming things about me that aren't true. Also, I don't care if you don't find me attractive.. I'm not trying to attract anyone ;)