I'm generally not friends with fat people

I'm generally not friends with fat people.

Mostly not because they're fat, but because they're fucking mean, miserable people.

According to Google fat is defined as:

Fat Adjective (of a person or animal) Having a large amount of excess flesh.

Being offended when someone says you're fat is like being offended when someone observes the color of your hair.

You're either fat or not.

However, "skinny" is an offensive term defined as:

Skinny Adjective (of a person or part of their body) Unattractively thin.

Unattractively thin. Notice the definition for fat has no mention of attractiveness? It's a state of being, an observation. Like the color of one's hair.

Yet, somehow, "skinny" is an acceptable term and "fat" is not.

If you have good mental health, you will have a strong desire to maintain the health of your body.

Fact: Fat people have more psychological issues. (specifically mood disorders)

Go ahead and Google it if you want. Try "fat people mental health"

Having a healthy body does not guarantee mental health.. but it does improve the likelihood.

Fat sympathizers are almost as bad as the fat people themselves!

I don't hate people for their body, but i am frustrated that anyone could be so uncaring about themselves and uncaring about the people around them.

It's not difficult to maintain a healthy body.

It's difficult to attain a healthy body after you've neglected it for an extended period of time.

No, being fat is not okay.

Your medical bills, risk for surgery will be higher. It's the ultimate selfish, lazy lifestyle.

The reason people get so offended by the word "fat" is because they KNOW they're doing something wrong.

They know & want your approval.

I'm not going to tell someone fat how to live their life. But they sure as hell should be aware of the consequences.

Try working in a hospital. Ask a doctor if they'd rather operate on an average size person or an obese person. Ask them about risk.

Go ask your doctor how many children have diabetes and heart disease. And then tell me that obesity is OK.

If you have a fat friend that you say you care about You should care enough to talk to them about something that is GOING TO KILL THEM

Our communities are dead

Some thoughts related to the Connecticut shooting..

We have a problem. Our communities are dead.

Try to imagine the life of the person who committed the tragedy and what events led up to today.

More gun regulations will solve nothing.  We need to help people before they explode in our faces.

There are more people out there.. right now.. who are capable of committing future tragedies and they need our help.  Who's helping?

Here's some food for thought,  how many of you even know your neighbors?

We are one. One of us killed many others. We allowed him to reach this point..

Be sad for the state of America. For our families and our communities.

If you haven't heard about the 20+ people killed today in Connecticut  (mostly children!)  here's the link   for you.

Fat children are dumber and more hostile than normal-weight children

There are numerous studies of the relationship between intelligence and personality in fat children.


Obese children had significantly lower performance IQ scores and higher scores of psychoticism* than their normal-weight peers.

In other news,  you're the reason our children are fat.

I really can't understand why American culture tries to justify any kind of personal fault. People don't just become fat overnight. It's a lifestyle choice that our culture has somehow found a way to justify.

Obesity is NOT okay. It's unhealthy on an individual and a social level.

And why is it OK to tell someone they're "too skinny" but not OK to tell a person they're "too fat"?

This is not my opinion.. it's science.

Leave a comment if you disagree with facts ;)


*Psychoticism refers to a personality pattern typified by aggressiveness and interpersonal hostility.

Discussion on the Definition of Cheating (and analysis)

Topic Start

Joe Jiko Having sex doesn't mean you're cheating. As soon as someone else is more important than your partner, that's real cheating. Sex is just an activity.

Alli Ohmes And so as long as who you're having sex with means nothing to you, it's not cheating on your significant other?

Joe Jiko You got it Alli

Alli Ohmes Wow. I'm glad there's decent men out there that don't feel that way. That's kinda fucked up

Note: “That’s kinda fucked up” has no meaning whatsoever. I try to dig deeper into her thought process.

Joe Jiko How is it? Does it affect you if another person has sex with someone else? It's a physical activity with no lasting effects.. Also, don't assume because I don't believe in "physical cheating" rules that I practice them. open your mind and withhold your judgment.. If you're able.

Note: Alli mentions it later, but here I’m obviously assuming there are no outside variables such as pregnancy or STDs.

Bobby Hayslett No lasting effects to you. some of us only make love to ones we care for and only them

Note: I don’t even know why this guy bothers talking. What does saying that “some” people “make love” to only the people they care about have to do with the discussion that sex has no negative or lasting effects? Vague, generic, and.. irrelevant. Also, I’d like to point out that sex is a physical activity whereas love is an emotional response. The two are generally associated but aren’t necessarily directly related. For example, it’s possible to love someone and NOT have sex with them OR to have sex with someone and NOT love them which renders this argument invalid.

Joe Jiko But who's to say my way is "less decent" than your way?

Bobby Hayslett Morals do

Joe Jiko My morals or yours? do you think everyone feels exactly as you do? Do you think they will in 100 years? Morals change with the times. The reality is, there is no right or wrong especially if what you're doing has no negative effect on outside parties. And FYI, I've been with the same girl for over a year and have only "made love" to her. So be careful who you're calling the bad guy.

Bobby Hayslett Cheating has plenty if negative effects. You practice too much of what you preach and have blinded yourself of trueness of the heart

Note: This guy isn’t really contributing but I left him in here anyway.

Joe Jiko I've done no such thing. Nice try though. If you have a closed mind, there's no purpose in trying to explain life to you.

Note: In retrospect, I should’ve just ignored him.

Alli Ohmes I never said you do practice them, just that what you said is kinda fucked up, in my views and obviously others. Having sex with someone shouldn't come as easy as people think now. Just having sex with someone you don't give a shit about is wrong to me, and that doubles if you have made a commitment to someone else to be with them.

Note: Using other people’s views as a defense of your own does NOT count as supporting evidence. Why do other people have that view? Why do you share other peoples' views?

She states that “having sex with someone shouldn’t come as easy as people think”, that’s a generic statement with no meaning whatsoever. Is she assuming that people think that way? Why is she citing hypothetical thoughts of other people in opposite defense of her own?

“Just having sex with someone you don’t give a shit about is wrong to me”
Finally! She’s actually using her own view! OK! You think having emotionally detached sex is wrong.. but why? There are still no reasons..

“Doubles if you have made a commitment to someone else to be with them”
Ahh! Does everyone make the same commitment? Aren’t all relationships unique? Should there be rules and restrictions? Why?

Joe Jiko Why is it wrong? Because somebody taught you so? Do you ever think about the things you believe or do you follow along thoughtlessly?

Bobby Hayslett If joe has been with a girl for a year and hasent had sex with other girls then why is he saying this? It's making no sense and its contradicting

Note: I choose not to answer him, but at least he’s thinking. I’ve been with one person for a year and I haven’t wanted to have sex with anyone else. This is purely a coincidence! If it ever happens that I want to engage in sex with someone other than the person I’m in a titled relationship with.. I will. Why should there be unnecessary restrictions? I truly believe that restricting a person’s life is unhealthy and ultimately leads to increased discontent or unhappiness. The exception would be restricting a person from performing actions that affect others negatively.. such as murder. I could understand if my actions had a negative effect.. but if reasonable steps are taken to ensure that both parties are clear of STDs and there’s no pregnancy (which arguably would still not affect a 3rd party), there should be none!

Alli Ohmes Sex does have lasting effects as well, there's stds and unwanted pregnancies, which both wouldn't be as big a deal if you're with someone you learned to trust before trying to fuck. And it causes chemicals in the brain to be released making you feel a bond with who you've fucked and all kinds of other shit.

Note: Riiiiiight chemicals in the brain. The same ones that occur with every emotion? Stress? Anger? Similar to the ones that occur with medicine, drugs, food, alcohol, and any other chemical intake. Those emotions may provoke a reaction, but free will gives us the ability to deny the default action. Just because you feel angry doesn’t mean you’ll act on it. Just because you feel amorous (temporarily) doesn’t mean the feeling is going to stick around. I think I’ve already touched on the STDs/pregnancy stem.

“someone you learned to trust before trying to fuck”
I’d like to point out that NOWHERE did I mention fucking anyone I didn’t trust.

Alli Ohmes I do think about things, I don't just follow along thoughtlessly. That's why I'm part of a very small percentage of teenagers who doesn't believe sex should just be with anyone because you're turned on or think that they are hot; there's much more to it.

Joe Jiko There's actually not more to it. Sex is for reproduction.. Nothing else.

Alli Ohmes Then why do it without trying to reproduce? Why are there condoms and birth control? You ever think it could be about making the person you love feel good? But that would require knowing who you're in.

Note: I should’ve said “reproduction, recreation, and exercise”.

“That would require knowing who you’re in”
Again, not sure why she thinks I’m talking about anonymous sex when it’s never mentioned.

Joe Jiko „@alli i'm out of time to reply :/ if you'd like to continue this conversation feel free to message me.

Topic End

Please feel free to voice your opinion in the comments.

"Give every illegal immigrant a gun and send them back to Mexico"

magnum and bullets

"Give every illegal Mexican immigrant a magnum and a full box of rounds, then toss them back into Mexico. See what happens. Gun laws are so strict in mexico, the honest Mexicans can't defend themselves against the dishonest, gun-wielding drug lords. Do the American thing, and give them all guns."

I always end up having some interesting conversations with my dad. Tonight, it was about the future of this country, problems we're facing, the trend of global communication and business, among other things. He forwarded me an article about 3 Missouri state laws passed 2007-2009 which have solved their problem of illegal immigrants.

american and missouri state flag

One law sets English as the state's official language and plainly states that illegals will not have access to state government benefits such as food stamps and health care. With English being the official language, no one can demand government services to be in another language. 2008 required police officers to verify the immigration status of any person arrested and in 2009 they passed a law so that Colleges have to certify with the state each year that they are not knowingly awarding financial aid to illegals. Missouri's solution to demand English, reveal illegals as criminals, and prohibit paying for education to students who are unlawful seems to be working. Hopefully Florida catches on to the trending laws in Arizona and Missouri. We've got to do something to control our spending & award benefits only to the people contributing to them.