Summary: I get it, you can't wear the outfit she's wearing without everyone who saw you wearing it immediately vomiting, having nightmares, and potentially, immediately committing suicide.…so why don't YOU go home and don't come back out in public until you solve your fatness problem and i'll appreciate the person whose body doesn't revolt people.…some more advice to you, people might be willing to overlook how fat you are but your attitude is equally as disgusting
Summary: Some people like blue eyes and some people prefer brown eyes. That's an opinion.…That someone has a color eye or excess flesh is a fact.…"It is rude, though, the way you said it.I mean obviously, if someone is overweight or whatever, it's not being an asshole, but the way that you said it wasn't like "Oh, she's heavier than most of the other girls" or in an acceptable way. It was "lol 90% skinny bitches and no fatties scoooore" which kind of disgusts me because I didnt think you were that shallow"