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It was somebody's birthday. My little brother's, I think.
We were in a public place that somehow seemed like home and it had a kitchen.
There were a ton of people there. None I recognized.
My mom and sister were in the kitchen.
I heard my dad say that all the teenagers within 20 miles would eat mom out of her donuts.
Apparently she made thousands of white powdered donuts and was distributing them
She was also making cookies.
I was more interested in the cookies, but I remember I did have one donut.
And I stuffed it in my face, then walked away snickering and covering my powdery mouth.
I disappeared for awhile to make some kind of birthday app for tablets. I think it played music.
I showed my dad but he was more interested in something going on outside.
But i never found out what that was, because I got distracted and went into the kitchen.
My sister made some sort of candy thing for her husband. I remember it being super ugly but she was really proud of it.
My younger sister had destroyed most of the cookies, but my mom shared hers with me.
That's pretty much it.

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