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Linux - Manually mount a drive to shared location

Format drive and create desired permissions (GParted)

List drives with uuid
sudo blkid
ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid
lsblk -f

Create folder wherever you want to access the drive with correct permissions
mkdir /media/data.ext2

Add to fstab (This will automatically mount it as desired on startup)
sudo edit /etc/fstab
UUID=f48dc231-02 /media/data.ext2 ntfs-3g permissions,auto 0 0

sudo mount -a

Final Fantasy XV - Items to not sell

UPGRADE MATERIALS (and where to get them) Rusted Bit Common collectible Glass Gemstone Common collectible Sturdy Helixhorn Leukorn (75% horn break), Duplicorn (10% horn break) (Old Lestallum hunts) Metal Scrap Common collectible Coeurl Whiskers Coeurl (50%, SW Duscae), Elder Coeurl (100%, Taelpar Rest Area hunt) Cactuar Needle Collectible south of Vesperpool, enemy rarely appears in various places Dynamo Collectible (Outside Glacial Grotto) Sky Gemstone A Feline Feast sidequest Hydraulic Cylinder Collectible (north of Fort Vaullerey) Magnetron Collectible (Gralea) Magitek Core Collectible (Gralea) Monster Claw Bandersnatch (100%, Malmalam Thicket) Barbed Scythe Killer Wasp (75%, Malmalam Thicket) Earth Gemstone Common Collectible Spiked Armor Skarnbulette (75%, break appendage, Cauthess Rest area hunt) View full post

Table 'performance_schema.session_variables' doesn't exist.

I encountered this error in Mysql version 5.7.13 after upgrading Laragon when attempting to connect with HeidiSQL.

Here's how to fix it (from the command line):
mysql -u {user} -p
mysql> set @@global.show_compatibility_56=ON;

Replace {user} with your actual username (probably root). When it prompts for password.. enter your password.

This is a temporary fix that would need to be run once on server start.

If it fixes your issue, add this to your my.ini:

show_compatibility_56 = 1

You should already have options under [mysqld] .. append this new one to that section or modify existing entry accordingly.