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How to No Man's Sky

- Where to find Atlas Pass v2, v3 recipes
Use bypass chips at beacons and search for Operation Centers. Get enough of them right and you will have them

- What to do with Atlas Stones
Save 10 of them and turn them in to the Atlas station during the Atlas path mission to create a new star

- Move a little faster on the ground
Hit the melee button while sprinting (r3, r1) then use your jetpack (x) to do a "long jump"

- Upgrade your ship for cheap
two options here:
1) save up then delete all the upgrades from your current ship when you're ready to go ship shopping. The ships that show up are relative to your current ship's value

2) find a distress beacon on the planet to lead you to a damaged ship you can salvage. The damaged ship will sometimes have more slots and it's MUCH cheaper to repair the launcher than buy a new ship outright

No Man's Sky Review

The first 8 hours are interesting and full of wonder.. after that it's basically 100 hours of the same thing.

There's plenty to do:
- Increase your inventory slots
- Increase your multitool slots
- Increase your ship's slots
- Upgrade everything (with recipes you find)
- Warp to new systems
- Explore planets and see weird creatures
- Learn alien languages to improve your ability to answer dialog challenges and trades

But all the content maxes out very, very quickly.

Soon every upgrade recipe you find will be a duplicate. Every planet has the same resources. Ship upgrades cost an insane amount of units (max ship upgrade at 48 slots with decent upgrades could cost as much as 180,000,000 units)

Trading is meticulous.

You find the variety dies out and all you're doing is grinding.

Pokémon GO Bumper Stickers (coming soon)

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Pokémon GO team bumper stickers

Quick and easy Pokemon GO guide

* Updated as information is available * Pokestops - When you are within range of a pokestop it will open up and become clickable. You can then swipe the center circle which contains an image of the landmark. - Swiping the circle will cause several items to pop out in bubbles. Tap the bubbles to collect items. - Items found at pokestops include: potions, revives, pokemon eggs, and razz berries Note: once you've used a pokestop it turns purple. After 5 minutes it will turn blue again and you can get more items Catching pokemon - they pop up on the map and you have to tap them to enter battle - swipe the pokeball at the bottom of your screen and aim for the green circle that gets larger and smaller on the pokemon as you hold your finger on the ball Note: generally you want to keep pokemon with higher CP (CP stands for "Combat Power") Note: the same type of pokemon can have different moves. So even if the CP is higher you may want to keep the one with stronger moves... View full post