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Move Spotify's offline files to another hard drive with a directory junction

I recently migrated my Windows installation to a Samsung m.2 drive. Since the capacity for those drives is expensive, I want to keep any unnecessary files off it.

Using TreeSize (free) to check for large directories and files, I noticed that Spotify was storing over 10gb of files in local app data with no option in the app to choose a different location.

That's when I discovered that Windows 10 actually has a command to create symbolic links and directory junctions!

To solve the problem:

  • locate the Spotify storage directory (mine was C:\Users\Jiko\AppData\Local\Spotify\Data) and delete it

  • create a new directory where you want to put Spotify's data (mine is D:\Spotify\Data)

  • open a command prompt  (windows+r)

  • create a Directory Junction

mklink /J "C:\Users\Jiko\AppData\Local\Spotify\Data" "D:\Spotify\Data"

Spotify won't know the difference and your hard drive will be free :)

Pin a non-installed program to the Windows 10 start menu

Note: This also works on non-programs (files, folders, websites, etc.)

  • Open the start menu and type 'run'

  • In the run app, type "shell:programs" and hit OK. This will open up the start menu programs folder (mine was at \Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

  • Create a shortcut to the exe file
    - right click on the program/file and choose send to desktop (create shortcut)

  • Drag the new shortcut into the programs folder that just opened up

Zelda Breath of the Wild Amiibo cannot be used again today (Switch)

"This amiibo can not be used again today" ..but I didn't use it today!

There is a delay of 24-hours between using most Amiibo.. but randomly it seems to not reset this timer. Fix this by restarting the Switch.

OK.. How do you restart the switch?

Hold the power button on the actual console tablet and a menu will pop up. Choose "Power Options" and you will get the option to Restart or Turn Off the switch.

It can't be restarted with the controllers alone.

If that doesn't fix it..

  • Close Zelda if it's open

  • Disable the Internet connection

  • Go into Date and Time settings

  • Turn off synchronize clock via internet.. that will unlock the option to edit date and time.

  • Set the clock 24 hours (1 day) ahead.

    note: you can actually set the clock backwards too.. just note that your save files are in chronological order so make sure you load the correct saves after.

Try the busted Amiibo again.. it should work.