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Can we say Idiot? c:
Joe Jiko I should've said "sex is between all organic creatures" but the concept still applies.
Kelsey Im technically a Christian and I am absolutely embarrassed by his comment ><
Kayla Agreed, Some people just don't have any commn sense, Mr.Mike here is a prime example. That's all in a book, no common sense or knowledge of his own was applied here. lol
Wesley Bad ass over here.
Melissa You know, we all should feel sad for Mikey. Clearly he grew up in an atmosphere that was so opressive that this is what he truly believes. It's horrifying, really.
Joe Jiko I'm just irritated that people continue to associate something as physical as sex to something as far from physical as possible (love)
Timothy in the end, we're all animals
Joe Jiko I would say "in the beginning"
Timothy beginning---->end
Summer Rae Stephens Or he's faithful to his fucking religion?
* note: several of her posts were removed. *
Joe Jiko If you can't keep your opinion from being abusive, don't post it.
Melissa Being faithful to your religion and preaching a definition of what 'sex is' on the internet are two different things. In my own humble opinion, faith should be very personal and private; true faith anyway.
Joe Jiko I blocked her from posting. She's just being unnecessarily offensive and adding nothing to the topic :)
Chris um i am a christian but all i know is that when i go buy a car i want to test drive it before i buy it casue i dont want to be stuck with payments on a car i dont like not dont get me wrong i am not saying girls are cars but its the only thing i could think of!!!lol
Timothy you dont need to have religion to be faithful
Joe Jiko Lol or we can just have sex because it's fun and recreational.. like soccer!
Living I like how religious people always focus on female sexuality. Even with good intentions, it only serves to further surpress female sexuality and the gender as a whole.
Joe Jiko„ Living this was actually taken from a post about teen pregnancy.
Melissa I was re-reading Mikeys post, he said "and I thank GOD that she didn't get pregnant' I have two issues with this: 1. Were they not using protection, he has slept with at least two girls (so he implied) 2. What about the miracle of life? He being a man of faith? his statement almost seems to contradict his religious feelings, imo.
Chris we all have choice do what you want. my religion is about me and my god if you dont want to believe in it then that your choice who am i to tell you your wrong we should all do what make us happy, have fun in life its how we learn, grow,an find out the truth about life. but some religions says we have choice but they make it seem like we dont cause we are wrong if we dont follow them. we only live once why not make the best of it!!!
Joe Jiko It's always a contradiction and condescension with people like this. "I'm better than you because I do this and you do that"
Melissa which is funny that he is preaching when allegedly he has commited the same 'sin' he just feels guilt for doing what he wanted to do in the first place. I am not saying he didn't have good intentions with the females he was with or not, only that its absurd for him to feel that if a single female were to get pregnant that they need to repent... does he also repent? why heck does anyone need to feel sorry... if you have an accidental baby, you're likely going to have a challenging road ahead... as well as a blessing... after all, you did create a life.
Joe Jiko Well said Melissa :) Tolerance is a beautiful thing.
Wesley starburst,
Joe Jiko
Shelby I don't think he meant anything bad by it.
Joe Jiko They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions
Wesley but not screen capturing another persons opinions to be ridiculed. that's a one way trip to heaven.
Melissa I don't think he did either, but i also don't think he truly grasps what he is saying, or how it could come off.
Joe Jiko „Wesley actually, as long as one believes in god.. it doesn't matter what acts they perform in life. So I hear.
Wesley isn't it all just what we hear? he's right and so are you. you don't need to believe in god to justify being a good person and living your life as full as you and no one else deems fit.
Joe Jiko I never said I disagreed.
Wesley regardless, im friends with god on facebook and i think he just screen captured us. so i think we all just became idiots of the day.
Wesley Retards* mb
Joe Jiko Ahahaha :)
Melissa I think it's important to expand your moral sphere. It really takes an intellectual person to question everything you've been taught or brainwashed into believing. I wish more people would believe in being broad minded with clear eyes and full hearts. I pray that this conservative and judging mentality changes, that sex is between one man and one woman... as far as marriage, people have the right to vote against mine which is extremely disheartening, but something I try my best to not focus on. On a deeper level, his post is extremely offensive even if he didn't mean it to be. I feel bad for him, and others that are similar to him because I feel that they are trapped by their so-called faith. I also find it interesting how everyone claims to know that GOD's intentions are/were.
Living „^this girl is fucking awesome
15 hours ago
Alicia Using retard as an insult is abusive and ignorant. Remember that next time you want to criticize someone.
Joe Jiko „Alicia it's an attention grabber. Don't take it personally :)
Joe Jiko Remember, the word means "slow"
Melissa ^ that is a fair statement. There is person I work with that always says... this is retarded, or that she herself is retarded. sometimes i count how many times a day she says it. One day, she said it 30 times... we have 9 hour work days with an hour for lunch... so including lunch time, that is 3.33 times an HOUR! It is actually offensive, my girlfriend actually brought it to my attention about 2 years ago... and i try my best to never say it. But until someone brought to my attention, i never thought about it that way.
Aaron Alright we ALL know this kid is lying... hes either still a virgin or choking on the dick every night
Joe Jiko It's only offensive if you choose to let it be. Words have multiple meanings. For example, "saw". is it a table "saw" or was it something you "saw"? In that sense, the word "retard" now has two meanings.
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