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I never really was a big coffee drinker until I worked at Starbucks in 2008. I always thought it was gross and pointless. Stains your teeth, saps the calcium from your bones, etc. Well, the employees at Starbucks get all the drinks they can drink while on duty, a free pound of coffee every week, and a 30% discount. Needless to say, we drank a lot of coffee and espresso. While searching the internet it doesn't seem like the health nuts have anything real negative to say about coffee itself and health risks. The worst I found were tooth staining and cavities. However, there are plenty of people emphasizing the risks of caffeine on your body.
My aunt put a post on facebook saying she didn't have any non-dairy creamer for her coffee. I figured that most people drink coffee for the "wake me up" feeling it gives, due to caffeine content. I suggested she try black tea, which has the same percentage of caffeine as coffee and is much better for you. Actually, the caffeine in tea has a different effect on your body than that of coffee:

" The tannin in the Green Tea works alongside the caffeine, having a relaxing and stabilizing effect. This means the caffeine is absorbed more slowly and prevents that "caffeine shock" we all know too well from coffee." (link)

Anyway, here are some easy to read bullets:
Why should you drink tea?

  • Unlike coffee, tea helps your teeth.. tea has antioxidants that prevent cavities.

  • Tea helps speed up your metabolism, helping you burn fat and lose weight.

  • Tea helps prevent diseases such as Alzheimer's

  • Tea may also help keep bones strong to help fight against Osteoporosis.

  • Tea helps to relax your arteries and lowers your blood pressure.

  • Tea helps you prevent kidney stones

Caffeine Percentages - I looked this up because I was curious:
Coffee- 0.05%
Black tea- 0.05%

(Types of Green teas)
Gyokuro- 0.02%
Sencha- 0.015%
Hoji cha- 0.008%
Genmai cha- 0.008%

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