Dream log: talking about bible theory

Dream Log

talking about bible theory and relating the scripture to modern life

around a table and two clients from work-the lady with the really bad dog postcards

alzheimer doctor volunteers for an experiment

lays down on the table and i raise my hands

an ethereal skeleton lifts up from his body into the air

i do something else to "connect" the nerves

i notice there's something wrong with him

he's bleeding and somehow it's obvious that it's his heart

i ask him if he's OK. he says, look at me.. i'm not going to make it

then i grab a large, dull-looking meat cleaver and sink it into his chest

pretty sure he didn't have pain killers but he only groaned a little

i ripped through his body and pulled it open like it was a package

there was no blood & the inside was hollow

i could see inside to the organs and the rest of it was empty space

i saw some issue with his intestines and swung the meat cleaver at them, then reached in and pulled them out to show him..