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at a gas station with my mom and there were a bunch of weird foreign shopkeepers. the gas station was penned in with a fence. there was a wire on one side with my mom's umbrella hanging from it. she seemed to have been here before and left it. my dad assured her that they'd let her keep it here for weeks but my mom was convinced that the service would be worse if she did.
one of the shopkeepers had freaky mixtures of medicine with random fruits and colors
my mom gave me a bunch of money (~$700) for letting her live with me.
she said she based it off minimum wage at publix and her own calculations
(which is strange because none of my family has ever worked at publix)
my dad was there and he perked up when he saw my mom handing me money and wanted some
my mom was fixing something on her car at the time so she said something like
"maybe you can find something useful to do for money"
my dad disappeared and the weird medicine/herbal nonsense lady came over
i thought at first that she was indian but by the end she was very chinese
at the beginning there was a guy being thrown down on a seat like the shop owner was testing the guy's back. i remember seeing his business cards. they were oversize and deep blue. it was raining slightly because i thought about that and noticed the cards were laminated.
before the gas station we ( mom and dad) were driving in a car and my mom was worried about some camera in her license plate
my dad told her just to pull over and get it replaced, then bill the county (this is how we ended up at the weird ass gas station with foreign shops)
before that there was something else wrong.. but i don't remember.
after my dad disappared, my mom made a deal with the devil medicine lady and bought something for me too.
i was laying on my back for some reason and the lady started talking to me like she was a fortune teller
she said i was destructive and reckless
then she started swabbing my mouth with an orange.. but backed away quickly and started cursing
i was like.. are you done now? and i walked away.
i moved my tongue around my mouth and the lower left quadrant of teeth just fell out in my hand
it looked like a wolf's skull fragment.
i saw it and said a few things to my mom (who was walking beside me)
and that's when i woke up..

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