Facebook doesn't want you to make new friends

"Don't send friend requests to people you don't know"

define: know
1. be aware of through observation, inquiry, or information.

If you can send a friend request, you've already satisfied the requirements of knowing by being aware of that person.

As for the term "friend request", doesn't that imply that you're asking to be friends with someone? Not that you're already friends..

define: request
1. an act of asking politely or formally for something.

Facebook is stupid. :|

Yet another reason to move to Google+. Follow me if you've got it!

I saw a girl say her boyfriend was lucky to have her

Get the fuck over yourself!

If any girlfriend of mine said i was lucky to have her, i would break up with her on the spot.

You make a choice to date me or not, it's nothing to do with luck. I would never choose to be around someone who viewed me as inferior.

Posted this to Facebook and got a good response. Glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks this is absurd.

ROTD: Internet relationships are not real

isn't that a contradiction?

well i mean, real social life in the real world

social media is part of the real world. Data and interaction by real people

not sure where the misconception comes that Internet communication is somehow less than other methods

i understand about all that smart fact you told me , i just, dont agree with you,even when it's a fact :)

well, that's absurd..
it's also ironic that your opinion is not real. lol

u know what absurd is?when ppl have 5000friends on FB,but none in real life
social media is part of the real world?yea,but actually it's not real,it's called 'hyperreality',u might want to read it first

hyper is a prefix. Still reality is the root. .
Internet social connections are real. You could argue that Internet is more limited than in person. . But both equally real

lmao what an excuse, u smart,but not that smart. and you clearly need to read some Baudrillard
both equally real? thats the most stupid thing i've heard lmao
not about to brag but, believe me i know more than you know. n im not in the mood to argue,so, cheers

that's extremely arrogant of you. Good luck

BSOTD: Spammy band guy


In conclusion

Aspiring bandies take note.. do not spam your potential fan base. If you don't want to listen to me, listen to the experts below with years and year of experience.


Ryan Gonzales  I've never personally blasted my friends list and beyond to ask people to go like my companies... I leave things like updates on my wall... And guess what... Turns out I'm doing just fine.

Half the battle in marketing is... Having a product people want. Soliciting people on such a massive scale is just a way to show people you really don't care. You're just looking for "numbers" which is not even a metric used to measure success...

There are multi-billion-dollar enterprises that have less likes than bullshit groups and pages on Facebook... What does that tell us about using Facebook Likes as an actionable metric upon which to make a business decision? Well. It tells us not to.

Johnny Smink  Yeah. I've been in bands for almost 18 years now. I've done everything flyering cars and passing out demo tapes to pushing MP3s and Facebook invites. Nothing works better than simply playing week after week and generating a buzz. Nobody wants to hear you talk about your band, but they'll listen when their friends tell them about your band.


<spammy band guy>
heyy please go and like my page <spam band page link>

Joe Jiko
(no answer)

if you don't have a reason, why would anyone do it?

<spammy band guy>
im trying to get likes for my page i need suport

if not oh well thanks for your time

Joe Jiko
likes for what?

how does that support you?

from what i can tell, it just supports facebook's like system

good luck

<spammy band guy>  
no its for me

Joe Jiko
how is it for you?

<spammy band guy>  
im trying to get into music business so if producers see i have lots of likes then they start to think

Joe Jiko
go to google

and type "how to market a music business"

start reading.

<spammy band guy>  
but if ur gona keep wasting my time then bye

ik hw to do it

Joe Jiko
you're wasting my time

<spammy band guy>  
ok bye asshole

Joe Jiko

reported for spam

and harrassment

BSOTD: Hand-typed spam

Technical definition of spam:

An electronic message is “spam” if (A) the recipient’s personal identity and context are irrelevant because the message is equally applicable to many other potential recipients; AND (B) the recipient has not verifiably granted deliberate, explicit, and still-revocable permission for it to be sent.

With that in mind..

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="543"] Hand typed band spam[/caption]

Pretty simple folks. Ask for consent or it's spam.

Imagine the difference between pasting a message with a link and saying something like:
"My band is in a contest and I was hoping you'd be interested in checking us out.
Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you the link."

Not only does it feel better for the receiver, you'll actually get a much better response.

are you like this to everyone you talk to?

Jenna: :3
Joe: ;O
Jenna: how are you :D
Jenna: haha sorry. just wanted someone new to talk to.
Joe: your profile says there's a 98% chance of your account being fake
Jenna: how? o.O
Joe: wouldn't you like to know ;)
Jenna: o.o
Jenna: i have this account for people who still want to be friends but don't want to see all my lame posts on my other fb. i'm sorry if you think i'm fake..
Joe: odd
Joe: it doesn't matter to me either way
Joe: you're a real person even if there's a high chance you're pretending to look like someone else
Joe: also, facebook allows you to choose who sees your posts. you can just make a group of people and share to them only
Jenna: well then i suppsose ill go add you on my other account...
Jenna: i've tried that but that list of people that i hide posts from has gotten kind of long.
Joe: sketchyyy lol
Jenna: -.-
Jenna: well sorry for trying to be friendly. was going to say i think your art is great.
Joe: sorry why?
Jenna: just wanted to start a conversation with someone new. but yeah.
Joe: and you did...
Joe: is there a problem?
Jenna: .......
Jenna: you don't have to shoot me down.
Joe: shoot you down how?
Jenna: accusing me of being fake and calling me sketchy.
Joe: you might be assuming things in the wrong direction
Joe: if you're not fake then it shouldn't bother you
Joe: i didn't say you are. i said it's likely
Jenna: i'm only bothered that i'm trying to be nice and you are being rude.
Joe: please explain where i was rude
Jenna: are you like this to everyone you talk to?
Joe: yes

Can I ask you a crazy question?

Romina: can i ask you a crazy question?!
Joe: of course
Joe: it's probably not as crazy as you think
Romina: if you were a multimillionaire would you want to settle down? and if you did would you go for a normal girl?
Romina: no to both right?
Joe: i'm already not a multimillionaire and don't go for normal girls
Romina: hahahaha
Joe: and define settle down
Romina: like idk? date?
Romina: in a commited relationship
Joe: i'd set up a central base but i'd still do plenty of things
Joe: i'm in hundreds of committed relationships already
Romina: hahahah
Joe: i doubt that would change :P
Romina: hahahahahaha
Romina: you're too uncommon!
Romina: =P
Joe: yeah ;]
Joe: i'd probably move to another country that isn't so retarded
Joe: where the women aren't full of ego or obsessed with themselves
Romina: thats true
Joe: where people want to learn and be better versions of themselves
Joe: and being educated is sought after and rewarded
Romina: lol really little of that is ever found
Joe: ok then
Joe: i'll settle for somewhere that 60% of the population isn't obese and jobless :P
Joe: with mountains and fast internet
Romina: hahahahahahahhahaha

Who do you blame for how you feel?

Every emotion you have is your choice.

Perspective is everything.

They don't teach it very well in our culture

How to accept life and be happy

The origin of feelings.

How many times have you blamed someone else for your feelings?

"You're making me so mad!"


I can't make you mad, only you make you mad.


All people can do is influence us.

We're the only one who chooses.

When relationships end, it's not really a loss

everything ends.

when relationships end, it's not really a loss

it's just back to neutral

there won't be any MORE with that person, but there won't be any less than what you had without them

and you get to keep the memories.. all the time with them becomes a part of you and in most cases causes a better you as a result

it's almost greed that makes us sad when someone isn't with us anymore

because we always want more..

i hate tomatoes.. so i always eat them

thinking is good.

whenever you find yourself not wanting to do something, fight to do the opposite

for example, i hate tomatoes.. so i always eat them

anyway the point is:

why do we eat food?

tasting good and preference has nothing to do with its purpose

tomatoes are great for your body

the mind gets in the way of all sorts of things. it's usually better to force it to shut the fuck up

and do what's best

When you're upset, it helps to ask yourself questions.

When you feel upset, start asking yourself about it.

Why do I feel like this?  Why does that upset me?

The more you identify, the better you will understand yourself.

Emotions aren't bad, they're just usually misunderstood.

Our culture teaches emotional reactions.

Emotions by themselves don't have reactions

Those are learned.