Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Combos

Seal Self-Destruct ()

Seal Shackle Blade ()

Seal Stench ()

Seal Back Attack ()

Seal Affinity Down ()

Seal Reinforcements ()

Seal Shackle Driver ()

Seal Blowdown ()

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Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Boosters

Boosters increase your chance of certain affinity rolls when bonding blade cores.

Bravery: Fire/Water
Truth: Wind/Ice
Compassion: Electric/Earth
Justice: Light/Dark

Zelda Breath of the Wild Amiibo cannot be used again today (Switch)

"This amiibo can not be used again today" ..but I didn't use it today!

There is a delay of 24-hours between using most Amiibo.. but randomly it seems to not reset this timer. Fix this by restarting the Switch.

OK.. How do you restart the switch?

Hold the power button on the actual console tablet and a menu will pop up. Choose "Power Options" and you will get the option to Restart or Turn Off the switch.

It can't be restarted with the controllers alone.

If that doesn't fix it..

  • Close Zelda if it's open

  • Disable the Internet connection

  • Go into Date and Time settings

  • Turn off synchronize clock via internet.. that will unlock the option to edit date and time.

  • Set the clock 24 hours (1 day) ahead.

    note: you can actually set the clock backwards too.. just note that your save files are in chronological order so make sure you load the correct saves after.

Try the busted Amiibo again.. it should work.

Final Fantasy XV - Items to not sell

UPGRADE MATERIALS (and where to get them)

  • Rusted Bit
    Common collectible

  • Glass Gemstone
    Common collectible

  • Sturdy Helixhorn
    Leukorn (75% horn break), Duplicorn (10% horn break) (Old Lestallum hunts)

  • Metal Scrap
    Common collectible

  • Coeurl Whiskers
    Coeurl (50%, SW Duscae), Elder Coeurl (100%, Taelpar Rest Area hunt)

  • Cactuar Needle
    Collectible south of Vesperpool, enemy rarely appears in various places

  • Dynamo
    Collectible (Outside Glacial Grotto)

  • Sky Gemstone
    A Feline Feast sidequest

  • Hydraulic Cylinder
    Collectible (north of Fort Vaullerey)

  • Magnetron
    Collectible (Gralea)

  • Magitek Core
    Collectible (Gralea)

  • Monster Claw
    Bandersnatch (100%, Malmalam Thicket)

  • Barbed Scythe
    Killer Wasp (75%, Malmalam Thicket)

  • Earth Gemstone
    Common Collectible

  • Spiked Armor
    Skarnbulette (75%, break appendage, Cauthess Rest area hunt)

How to No Man's Sky

- Where to find Atlas Pass v2, v3 recipes
Use bypass chips at beacons and search for Operation Centers. Get enough of them right and you will have them

- What to do with Atlas Stones
Save 10 of them and turn them in to the Atlas station during the Atlas path mission to create a new star

- Move a little faster on the ground
Hit the melee button while sprinting (r3, r1) then use your jetpack (x) to do a "long jump"

- Upgrade your ship for cheap
two options here:
1) save up then delete all the upgrades from your current ship when you're ready to go ship shopping. The ships that show up are relative to your current ship's value

2) find a distress beacon on the planet to lead you to a damaged ship you can salvage. The damaged ship will sometimes have more slots and it's MUCH cheaper to repair the launcher than buy a new ship outright

No Man's Sky Review

The first 8 hours are interesting and full of wonder.. after that it's basically 100 hours of the same thing.

There's plenty to do:
- Increase your inventory slots
- Increase your multitool slots
- Increase your ship's slots
- Upgrade everything (with recipes you find)
- Warp to new systems
- Explore planets and see weird creatures
- Learn alien languages to improve your ability to answer dialog challenges and trades

But all the content maxes out very, very quickly.

Soon every upgrade recipe you find will be a duplicate. Every planet has the same resources. Ship upgrades cost an insane amount of units (max ship upgrade at 48 slots with decent upgrades could cost as much as 180,000,000 units)

Trading is meticulous.

You find the variety dies out and all you're doing is grinding.

Quick and easy Pokemon GO guide

* Updated as information is available *

- When you are within range of a pokestop it will open up and become clickable. You can then swipe the center circle which contains an image of the landmark.
- Swiping the circle will cause several items to pop out in bubbles. Tap the bubbles to collect items.
- Items found at pokestops include: potions, revives, pokemon eggs, and razz berries

Note: once you've used a pokestop it turns purple. After 5 minutes it will turn blue again and you can get more items

Catching pokemon
- they pop up on the map and you have to tap them to enter battle
- swipe the pokeball at the bottom of your screen and aim for the green circle that gets larger and smaller on the pokemon as you hold your finger on the ball

Note: generally you want to keep pokemon with higher CP (CP stands for "Combat Power")
Note: the same type of pokemon can have different moves. So even if the CP is higher you may want to keep the one with stronger moves

Note: to make a pokemon easier to catch you can use a razz berry found at pokestops

Threat circles (the inner circle of the circle you have to throw pokeballs through)
- the SMALLER the ring is, the easier the pokemon will be to catch
- Hold your finger on the pokeball to adjust the ring's size
- In the beginning threat level is almost always green.. use a regular pokeball, no worries
- Threat level yellow or red, use razz berries to calm them down (will change yellow to green or red to yellow.. etc.) or a stronger pokeball (you will get great balls, ultra balls, or master balls from pokestops as your level increases)

Note: threat level yellow or higher pokemon can flee or escape!

Throwing curve balls
- Hold the pokeball and make a rotating motion until it sparkles.. then let go

Nearby pokemon
- In the corner of your screen you will see icons indicating nearby pokemon.
- Tapping those icons will open up a larger screen showing a hint of how close that pokemon is to you. Each footprint is about a block. As you move you will see the footprint decrease or increase depending on if you're getting closer or further.
- exact measurements are 10, 20, and 30 meters (or 10 meters per paw)

Note: 10 meters is approximately 32 feet

Finding more pokemon
- Use incense (an item in the shop) to increase the frequency of pokemon encounters for only you
- Use lures at pokestops to increase the frequency of pokemon encounters for anyone near the pokestop

Leveling up your trainer
- Evolving a pokemon gives you +1000xp
- You get bonus XP for hitting the green circle when you catch a pokemon (good throw)
- Adding a pokemon to your pokedex gives you bonus xp
- Every pokemon you get gives you XP
- Visiting pokestops gives you XP (+50 I think)

Pokemon Eggs
- you can see your pokemon eggs by going to menu > pokemon and then tapping the eggs tab
- store pokemon eggs in an incubator and travel 5 km to hatch them (1km = 0.6 mi)
- pokemon eggs can become any random pokemon

Pokemon Teams

- You will be able to choose a team once you reach level 5.
- There are 3 teams to choose from.. Blue is the best ;)
- To level up, perform actions such as catching pokemon or visiting pokestops

Gym battles (must be level 5+)
- each pokemon has a standard move you can use by tapping the pokemon and a special move that fills up underneath your health
- up to 6 pokemon can be chosen to battle
- to use a special move, make sure the gauge is full enough and then hold your finger down on your pokemon

Note: you can dodge enemy attacks by swiping right or left at the right time

How to heal and revive pokemon (don't worry about this until you are level 5+)
- click the pokeball on the main screen to open your menu, then go to items.
- Potions will heal 20 HP of a single pokemon
- Revives will revive a fainted pokemon and restore 50% of its HP

Note: you can buy potions and revives using pokecoins in the shop
Note: for free potions & revives, visit a pokestop. Swipe the circle image in the center. 3-4 items will appear that you must tap to retrieve. The items include revives and potions

Leveling up pokemon
- To make your pokemon stronger, defeat pokemon in gym battles
- do a power up by spending stardust and candy

note: you can reach the power up and evolve options by selecting a pokemon from menu > pokemon
note: if you have a lucky egg, save up your pidgey and rattata. once you have a ton of candies and pokemon, use the lucky egg and evolve them all for 1000xp each! transfer your pidgeottos for pidgey candy as evolving them costs too much and doesn't give you any additional XP.

Pokemon candy
- Earn pokemon candy by transferring the pokemon in an evolutionary chain to the professor (IE. pidgey, pidgeotto, and pidgeot will all generate pidgey candy)
- To initiate a transfer: 1. open the menu 2. select the pokemon you want to transfer 3. scroll down to the transfer button
Note: transferring pokemon is non-reversible! don't accidentally transfer the wrong pokemon

- Potion: A spray-type medicine for treating wounds. It restores the HP of one Pokemon by 20 points
- Revive: A Medicine that can revive fainted pokemon. It also restores half of a fainted Pokemon's maximum HP
- Lucky Egg:
- Incense: Pulls a pokemon to you every 5 minutes if standing still and every 1 minute if walking for every 400m.
- Poke Ball
- Lure Module
- Razz berry
- Egg Incubator

Other tips/tricks
- Evolving fainted pokemon gives them full health
- walking about 300 ft and then waiting will probably have the greatest result in pokemon encounters. This is due to server response times between Niantic and Google Maps. If you are moving quickly the pokemon encounters can't load fast enough because you enter into multiple geo-zones.
- you can give your pokemon names by touching the pencil on their status screen to the right of their default names
- at pokestops you can spin the picture and then close it without popping the bubbles. All items will automatically be added to inventory (useful if driving)
- if you see a grass animation on your map, that means it is more likely there are pokemon there

- Rename your Eevee to force what it evolves into:
Pyro - becomes Flareon
Rainer - becomes Vaporeon
Sparky - becomes Jolteon

Pokemon battle tactics
Pokemon is basically a giant game of rock-paper-scissors.

fire beats grass, grass beats water, water beats fire.

Final Fantasy Explorers Quick Review


Monster Hunter players will recognize the format. The staging area is some random town with a giant crystal in it. There’s a shop, a quest giver, some moogles that give you special stuff when you meet conditions, and a few mostly-irrelevant NPCs to tell you about some especially important thing you have to do or kill.

You receive quests and sub-quests from an NPC at the counter alongside an "assignments" desk where you can send your monster pets or SpotPassers to complete missions for rewards (palicos? hunters for hire?).

To start on a quest you exit the town and enter a map area. Areas are unlocked as you complete quests or explore unblocked areas. After a few tutorials you’ll gain access to an airship that will take you deeper into the world without having to walk. Usually your quest objective will show on the map as a flashing red dot so there’s not too much thought required to complete the mission.

There's no character level or experience to gain. You mark your progress by EL (equipment level?) which is based on your gear and abilities. Abilities are where it gets interesting. You get 8 ability slots  (L+A/B/X/Y and R+A/B/X/Y) that are somewhat limited by your available Load (more powerful abilities take up more load). As you use your abilities, you gain crystal resonance which allows you to use crystal moves (?) with special effects (L+R+A/B/X/Y). These effects can be applied to your existing abilities (called mutations) permanently by spending CP (crystal points?) at the ability crystal. Adding additional effects will essentially level up that ability. For example, you learn Cure and you can add additional HP recovery attributes to it to increase it's power. Adding attribute mutations will increment the ability level.. Cure 1, Cure 2, etc. You can also give your custom abilities their own names. Like if you want to level up a bow skill to do additional fire and critical damage for defeating Shiva (the ice boss) and have a another for doing poison damage at extended range for general play.

Gear can be crafted or upgraded using monster drops. Monster companions can be created using monster essence (?). There's also a special Trance meter that allows you to call upon the power of bosses you've encased in magicite or heroes such as Cloud. Once you're trance meter is full, and you've unlocked the Trance, you can trigger the special trance mode.. Cloud’s Omnistrike!


Joining quests is pretty annoying. You tap the person's name in your list, then select join quest.. then walk over to the exit to set yourself as ready to depart. None of which the game tells you. I imagine there are quite a few people confused with their first time in multiplayer.


There is no 3D on this 3DS game. The cutscenes for the eidolons are pretty cool but otherwise the game is pretty generic. You do get to customize your character in the beginning with a limited preset of options and new equipment will change your appearance.


That's pretty much it. It's certainly an interesting game for Final Fantasy fans but not impressive in any way. If you don't mind exploring and you enjoy grinding for drops to build gear.. this is definitely a way to spend your time doing it.