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I was on a bus with @mandagoesrawr, @m0llybee,   @thatchinesegrl and some guy. I got in an argument with a man who was sitting a couple of seats in front of me. He looked creepy and he tried to say something to me about a tattoo I had which looked like Amanda's arm tattoo. I told him not to talk to me and he got all pissy. I'm pretty sure he wanted to hit on the girls with me & thought I would be the entry into the conversation. The driver took his side until Molly got upset and stormed off the bus (while it was moving??). It was a pretty strange dream. There was a little more to it, but I don't remember.
#2 was kinda boring. I was doing graphic design stuff like I do at work. It lasted waaaaaay too long. The annoying part is that I knew I was dreaming and couldn't get it to change!
#3, the finale was an epic magical adventure with an old wise man, an innocent asian girl who barely spoke english and another "monkish" kind of guy. We had to traverse a path until we met up with the boss but didn't know it. I don't remember knowing a reason why. He told us we had to collect things.. and sent us back. We started back & the dream got kind of skippy. We were teleporting to different areas. The guy we were with got trapped in some kind of imprisoning spell when we were attacked by a group of magic people. It was strange because I remember in order to do magic stuff it was like pressing buttons on a game controller but we just had to think it. Like "square", "triangle". Future vision of virtual reality games? I don't know. We made it back and the old man freaked out about the evil person we met at the end of the trail. He volunteered to help, but first we needed to conceal ourselves. He started conjuring up a "concealing spell".. but about that time John's alarm went off.

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