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My parents are opposite to my sleeping schedule. They fall asleep around 10-11pm, and wake up at 6-7am. It's fine for them, because I'm quiet at night, even though I don't usually try for sleep until after 2am. If I go to sleep early, 2am, I'm getting about 3.5 hours of sleep before my little brother and sister are awake making noise like hell.
This morning, it was like they were trying to fuck with me an make as much noise as possible. I'm sitting in the bed awake, listening to the sound of clanking dishes which turns into a crash as my dad drops two of them, and then transforms into the thunder of a vacuum sucking up the broken pieces of plate.
Not to mention the fact that even with AC, the little kids run in and out of the house all the time. They often forget to close the doors, so the 97+ degree heat is pulled right in. Awesome. Because everyone loves trying to sleep when you're soaking in your own sweat and being bombarded by miniature human percussion.

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