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Summary: If I go to sleep early, 2am, I'm getting about 3.5 hours of sleep before my little brother and sister are awake making noise like hell.…This morning, it was like they were trying to fuck with me an make as much noise as possible.…I'm sitting in the bed awake, listening to the sound of clanking dishes which turns into a crash as my dad drops two of them, and then transforms into the thunder of a vacuum sucking up the broken pieces of plate.
Summary: Went to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes with my mom for Mother's day. It's a salad buffet type of restaurant with a great selection and one of the only places in America that have green tea. My mom is so great :) As we were leaving, an older couple stopped us in surprise at all the kids in our company.…My sister is a mom too with her three kids!…The stranger couldn't believe that my mom is a grandmother.