BSOTD: Spammy band guy


In conclusion

Aspiring bandies take note.. do not spam your potential fan base. If you don't want to listen to me, listen to the experts below with years and year of experience.


Ryan Gonzales  I've never personally blasted my friends list and beyond to ask people to go like my companies... I leave things like updates on my wall... And guess what... Turns out I'm doing just fine.

Half the battle in marketing is... Having a product people want. Soliciting people on such a massive scale is just a way to show people you really don't care. You're just looking for "numbers" which is not even a metric used to measure success...

There are multi-billion-dollar enterprises that have less likes than bullshit groups and pages on Facebook... What does that tell us about using Facebook Likes as an actionable metric upon which to make a business decision? Well. It tells us not to.

Johnny Smink  Yeah. I've been in bands for almost 18 years now. I've done everything flyering cars and passing out demo tapes to pushing MP3s and Facebook invites. Nothing works better than simply playing week after week and generating a buzz. Nobody wants to hear you talk about your band, but they'll listen when their friends tell them about your band.


<spammy band guy>
heyy please go and like my page <spam band page link>

Joe Jiko
(no answer)

if you don't have a reason, why would anyone do it?

<spammy band guy>
im trying to get likes for my page i need suport

if not oh well thanks for your time

Joe Jiko
likes for what?

how does that support you?

from what i can tell, it just supports facebook's like system

good luck

<spammy band guy>  
no its for me

Joe Jiko
how is it for you?

<spammy band guy>  
im trying to get into music business so if producers see i have lots of likes then they start to think

Joe Jiko
go to google

and type "how to market a music business"

start reading.

<spammy band guy>  
but if ur gona keep wasting my time then bye

ik hw to do it

Joe Jiko
you're wasting my time

<spammy band guy>  
ok bye asshole

Joe Jiko

reported for spam

and harrassment