Jenna: :3
Joe: ;O
Jenna: how are you :D
Jenna: haha sorry. just wanted someone new to talk to.
Joe: your profile says there's a 98% chance of your account being fake
Jenna: how? o.O
Joe: wouldn't you like to know ;)
Jenna: o.o
Jenna: i have this account for people who still want to be friends but don't want to see all my lame posts on my other fb. i'm sorry if you think i'm fake..
Joe: odd
Joe: it doesn't matter to me either way
Joe: you're a real person even if there's a high chance you're pretending to look like someone else
Joe: also, facebook allows you to choose who sees your posts. you can just make a group of people and share to them only
Jenna: well then i suppsose ill go add you on my other account...
Jenna: i've tried that but that list of people that i hide posts from has gotten kind of long.
Joe: sketchyyy lol
Jenna: -.-
Jenna: well sorry for trying to be friendly. was going to say i think your art is great.
Joe: sorry why?
Jenna: just wanted to start a conversation with someone new. but yeah.
Joe: and you did...
Joe: is there a problem?
Jenna: .......
Jenna: you don't have to shoot me down.
Joe: shoot you down how?
Jenna: accusing me of being fake and calling me sketchy.
Joe: you might be assuming things in the wrong direction
Joe: if you're not fake then it shouldn't bother you
Joe: i didn't say you are. i said it's likely
Jenna: i'm only bothered that i'm trying to be nice and you are being rude.
Joe: please explain where i was rude
Jenna: are you like this to everyone you talk to?
Joe: yes

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