Romina: can i ask you a crazy question?!
Joe: of course
Joe: it's probably not as crazy as you think
Romina: if you were a multimillionaire would you want to settle down? and if you did would you go for a normal girl?
Romina: no to both right?
Joe: i'm already not a multimillionaire and don't go for normal girls
Romina: hahahaha
Joe: and define settle down
Romina: like idk? date?
Romina: in a commited relationship
Joe: i'd set up a central base but i'd still do plenty of things
Joe: i'm in hundreds of committed relationships already
Romina: hahahah
Joe: i doubt that would change :P
Romina: hahahahahaha
Romina: you're too uncommon!
Romina: =P
Joe: yeah ;]
Joe: i'd probably move to another country that isn't so retarded
Joe: where the women aren't full of ego or obsessed with themselves
Romina: thats true
Joe: where people want to learn and be better versions of themselves
Joe: and being educated is sought after and rewarded
Romina: lol really little of that is ever found
Joe: ok then
Joe: i'll settle for somewhere that 60% of the population isn't obese and jobless :P
Joe: with mountains and fast internet
Romina: hahahahahahahhahaha

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