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Click on a material name to see what drops it and what engineering items use it.

Active Cells
Adsecula Gold Nugget
Adsecula Oil Drop
Adsecula Straw
Advanced Chamber
Advanced Core
Advanced Crank
Advanced Jet
Advanced Lens
Advanced Thruster
Aevitar Death Stone
Aeviter Membrane
Aeviter Star Wing
Alluring Lophid Extract
Amber Aetrygon Horn
Amber Cervus Antlers
Amber Dilus Eye
Amethyst Metal
Appetizing Suid Tail
Aprica Back Moss
Arenatect Shell
Auravis Courtship Feather
Auravis Croaking Bag
Auravis Horn
Auravis Laughing Bag
Azure Sacrifole Feather
Beryl Aetrygon Horn
Big Balaena Sand Bag
Big Balaena Water Bag
Black Blatta Wing
Black Colubrium Tail
Black Electrical Tentacle
Black Filiavent Tentacle
Black Fog Deposits
Black Gyrocompass
Black Meaty Caecus Liver
Black Petramand Silk
Black Puff
Black Scintimure Tentacle
Black Stabilizer
Black Steel Heavy Armor
Black Sylooth Brace
Black Thallus Antenna
Black Turba Nectar
Black Vigent Rock Scalp
Black Yggralith Nut
Black Yggralith Scale
Blazing Gas Sac
Blinding Lophid Extract
Bloodied Face
Blue Electrical Tentacle
Blue Forfex Shell
Blue Fungi
Blue Jacul Wing
Blue Milsaadi Hood
Blue Progen Wing
Blue Sylooth Brace
Blue Vigent Rock Scalp
Bone-In Thigh Meat
Brilliant Murra Liquid
Brilliant Tersqual Liquid
Brilliant Visigel Liquid
Broken Antenna
Broken Buckle
Broken Pincer
Brown Colubrium Tail
Brown Monoceros Horn
Caecus Crest
Caro Tail Light
Ceto Roe
Chipped Talon
Cimmerian Pom Pom
Cinicula Shell
Clear Gerrid Soup
Cloudy Eyeball
Cloudy Gerrid Soup
Coconut Oil
Colubrim Eel Kebab
Combat Boost Meds
Coronid Dung
Coronid Larynx
Cracked Bill
Cracked Claw
Creare Glyph
Crimson Dilus Eye
Crimson Sacrifole Feather
Crude Neilnail Mask
Damask Metal
Decrepit Wing
Demonic Jewel
Deva Caladar's Red Ear
Developed Balaena Fat
Dialek Glyph
Diamond Seed
Dirty Cloth
Distilled Sap
Dogahn's Adament Band
Dried Seaweed Lichen
Dual Boards
Dull Stone
Duoguill Broth
E.M. Unit
Ebony Evello Egg
Eerie Lightning Tentacle
Electric Tersqual Tear
Electrified Xeno Blood
Elemental Cluster
Elemental Fragment
Emeral Whiskey
Emerald Horn
Energy Tube
Esse Glyph
Eternal Arenatect Moss
Evergreen Aprica Antlers
Evolved Insidia Claw
Experia Glyph
Fal-swo Solar Crest
Falsaxum Shell
Fatty Fish Belly
Fertilized Jacul Egg
Filiavent Intestine
Filthy Wing
Fine Aprica Wood
Fine Black Belt
Fine Duoguill Fishmeal
Fine Red Belt
Fine Transparent Belt
Fine White Belt
Flaming Rock
Fleecy Fur
Flowering Germivore Scales
Flowering Papil Scales
Fluffy Tuft
Forfex Miso
Fossilized Bone
Fresh Fish Meat
Galaxial Jewel
Galdr Head
Genuine Chamber
Genuine Crank
Genuine Frame
Genuine Plate
Genuine Shaft
Gerrid Navel
Gerrid Shell
Giant Blue Pearl
Giant Cavity
Giant Cinicula Jaw
Giant Falsaxum Jaw
Giant Jade Pearl
Giant Protein
Glossy Saltat Fan
Glowing Retina
Gold Ceto Membrane
Gold Monoceros Horn
Gold Sylooth Brace
Golden Blatta Wing
Golden Cantor Tooth
Golden Gyrocompass
Golden Jewel
Golden Mortifole Feather
Golden Petramand Silk
Golden Progen Wing
Golden Puff
Golden Simius Mane
Golden Stabilizer
Golden Yggralith Heart
Golden Yggralith Nut
Gooey Gunge
Gray Shell
Green Blatta Wing
Green Crystal
Green Jacul Wing
Green Monoceros Horn
Green Mortifole Feather
Green Puff
Green Simius Mane
Gremlin Stone
Grex Wisdom Tooth
Gularthian Everflame
Gularthian Flint
Hard Backbone
Hard Pom Pom
Herculean Beast Hair
Hi-Spec Sensor Module
Hidden Cantor Hoard
Honey Oil
Hot Potamus Juice
Hulking Incisor
Ictus Shell
Imperial Sphinx Fang
Infinite Telethia Pen
Ingrown Virago Claw
Insect Jaw
Insidia Mohawk
Iron Lump
Jacul Horn
Jacul Waterfall Orb
Jagged Grex Tail
Juicy Wild Meat
Large Hoof
Large Lophid Liver
Large Purgovent Liver
Large Saw Tooth
Laser Light
Lava Crystal
Lead Carapace
Lepyx Elastic Cell
Lepyx Jaw Meat
Lepyx Moonstone
Lepyx Sunstone
Levitath Feather
Levitath Sun Bead
Liceor Horn
Liceor Sun Bead
Light-Speed Jet Fin
Lightweight Pelt
Livertan Glyph
Lone Purple Ictus Stinger
Lone Red Ictus Stinger
Lone White Ictus Stinger
Longevity Bough
Lophid Jaw Meat
Lovely Pom Pom
Lucky Cervus Sapling
Lucky Rainbow Whisker
Luminescent Antenna
Luminescent Tail
Malevolent Petramand Silk
Maple Oil
Marbled Suit Fillet
Meaty Evello Egg
Medicinal Blatta Oil
Melon Oil
Mephite Ear Hair
Mephite Stinkbag
Millepod Ice Rock
Millesaur Dung
Millesaur Larynx
Mollusk Mucus
Monoceros Hoof Hook
Monoceros Wing
Mortifole Pollen
Moving Dilus Tail
Moving Thallus Tail
Moving Vivohast Tail
Muddy Pelt
Multicolor Murra Wing
Murky Potemus Water
Muscled Cantor Bulge
Muscled Simius Bulge
Muscled Suid Bulge
Musky Nectar
New Cyclinder
Nobble Yggralith Scale
Nutritious Microbes
O.X. Unit
Obsidian Cluster
Obsidian Fragment
Oc-serv Eastern Crest
Oc-serv Hand
Oc-serv Northern Crest
Oc-serv Southern Crest
Oc-serv Western Crest
Ocher Stabilizer
Octopus Board
Odorous Tentacle
Opaque Membrane
Opaque Mirror
Orange Tequila
Orichalcum Metal
Ornate Insidia Claw
Ornate Petramand Claw
Ornate Progen Horn
Ovis Polishing Stone
Papil Straw
Parasitic Capsule
Perforated Oar
Pink Ceto Membrane
Poisonous Needle
Potamus Life Lung
Pristine Bristle
Pristine Claw
Pristine Dorsal Fin
Pristine Insect Jaw
Pristine Insect Leg
Pristine Pincer
Pristine Spicule
Pristine Whiskers
Progen Hoof Seal
Prone Coin Purse
Puge Counter
Puge Self-Destruct Mechanism
Pugilith Lamp
Pure White Caro Tusk
Purgovent Jaw Meat
Purple Cervus Antlers
Purple Scintimure Tentacle
Purple Virago Alloy Plate
Qmoevan Capacitor
Quality Core
Quality Crank
Quality Fuse
Quality Giant Cells
Quality Pelt
Quality Scale
Quality Shaft
Quality Skin
Quality Vigent Claw
Quirky Liver
Quo Pod
R.B. Unit
Rainbow Carving Shard
Rainbow Metal
Raw Meaty Caecus Liver
Red Blatta Wing
Red Brandy
Red Filiavent Tentacle
Red Forfex Shell
Red Milsaadi Hood
Red Mortifole Feather
Red Scintimure Tentacle
Red Simius Mane
Red Thallus Antenna
Red Vigent Rock Scalp
Redwood Aprica Antlers
Refined Horn
Reinforced Crank
Reinforced Frame
Reinforced Jet
Reinforced Plug
Reinforced Plunger
Reinforced Thruster
Reverse Colubrim Fin
Reverse Millepod Fin
Rexoskell Sucker
Rich Scintimure Meat
Robust Evello Horn
Rotten Meat
Rough Skin
Rugged Skin
Ryyz's Silver Piercings
S.P. Unit
Sabula backbone
Saltat Horn
Sapphire Horn
Scienti Glyph
Scintimure Fat
Scirpo Cyanide Sac
Scirpo Malic Acid Sac
Scirpo Silk
Scirpo Sulfuric Acid Sac
Scorching Giant Cells
Scratched Jewel
Seidr Control Device
Sharp Ear
Sharp Germivore Jaw
Sharp Vivohast Jaw
Shed Germivore Scales
Shimmering Silk
Shiny Black Caro Plate
Shiny Copper Caro Plate
Shiny Mortifole Seed
Shiny Silver Caro Plate
Shrad Eye
Silver Blatta Wing
Silver Cantor Tooth
Silver Petramand Silk
Silver Progen Wing
Silver Sacrifole Feather
Silver Vita Core
Silver Yggralith Nut
Simius Snack Stash
Sky Jewel
Slender Horn
Slimy Epithelium
Slimy Tongue
Small Dorsal Fin
Small Insect Leg
Small Scale
Small Shell
Smelly Fish Meat
Smooth Tail Fin
Sparkling Blue Gem
Sparkling Purple Gem
Sparkling Red Gem
Spathi Glyph
Spicy Sacrifole Pollen
Spiked Tail Fin
Squishy Cartilage
Standard Blade Module
Standard Coil
Standard Crank
Standard Jammer
Standard Sensor Part
Standard Shaft
Steel Unafulge Cell
Sticky Mucus
Sticky Scirpo Silk
Still Hair
Stout Purgovent Extract
Stripped Plating
Strong Purgovent Extract
Sturdy Drakebone
Succulent Meat
Suid Fillet
Supple Leather
Supple Tail
Sylooth Tonic Water
T.P. Unit
Tasty Fish Belly
Tatty Insect Wing
Taut Leather
Tectinsula Back Moss
Tectinsula Shell
Telethia Emerald
Telethia Mirror
Telethia Ring
Telethia Stem Cell
Tempered Blade Module
Terebra Oil Grease
Terebra Paw Stamp
Terebra Water Grease
Tersqual Eel Kebab
Tersqual Fire Pouch
Thallus Crescent Hook
Thick Cinicula Horn
Thick Coronid Hide
Thick Falsaxum Horn
Thick Millesaur Hide
Topaz Wine
Tough Humpsteak
Tough Tendon
Transparent Membrane
Tricolored Ovis Meat
Turba Nectar
Turba Straw
Turquoise Metal
Unafulge Death Toxin
Unafulge Numbing Toxin
Unfertilized Auravis Egg
Unlucky Black Whisker
Upgraded Coil
Upgraded Jammer
Upgraded Lens
Upgraded Sensor Part
Upgraded Shaft Part
Upgraded Spindle Part
Used Cylinder
Vasara War Medal
Vesper Fang
Vesper Fry
Vesper Hair Clip
Vibrant Plume
Vigent Blood
Virago Alloy Plate
Virago Blood Sweat
Viscous Humor
Visigel Poison Orb
Visigel Waterfall Orb
Vivohast Crescent Hook
Warrior Race's Seal
White Forfex Shell
White Fungal Egg
White Meaty Caecus Liver
White Mirrorglass
White Mortifole Feather
White Scintimure Tentacle
White Stabilizer
White Sylooth Brace
White Yggralith Nut
White Yggralith Scale
Worn Muscle Fiber
Xe-dom Crimson Crest
Xe-dom Golden Crest
Xe-dom Hand
Xe-dom Jet-Black Crest
Xe-dom Silver Crest
Xiphias Mine Egg
Yellow Millepod Rock
Yggralith Gold
Yggralith Horn
Yggralith Recovery Horn
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