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Rugged Skin

54 Tickets


Name Location
Berserk Vigent 313SW,315SW
Brutal Vigent 313SW
Barnabas, the Despot AaroyS(wanders)
Seeker Vigent 404,410SE
Goliath, the Castellated 415NW
Volcannon Vigent 503SE,504NE,509SE,foxfort
???????? 511N
Barnabas, the Despot [5:00~19:00]: Aaroy Plain(wanders)
Goliath, the Castellated 415NW
Vainamo, the Bellower 511N
Eternal Millesaur wplains,Sairam
Everlasting Millesaur Biarno,Sairam,Janbas
Luciel, the Eternal Janbas
Fernando, the Immobile 216
????????? 308W(post game)
Ancient Coronid Ciel
???????? Isle(W of 402)
Frenzy Coronid Ciel
???????? 411NE
Luciel, the Eternal W shore of Janpath
Fernando, the Immobile [5:00~19:00]: 216
Gradivus, the Headless Emperor 308W(post game)
Xair, the Cerulean Walker Isle(W of 402)
Ignit, the Ultimate Chaos [Crimson Aurora]: 411NE


Name Category
Debuff Suppressor X Armor Augments
Debuff Suppressor XV Armor Augments
Debuff Suppressor XX Armor Augments
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