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Fleecy Fur

22 Tickets


Name Location
Grassland Ovis 112, 114, 116
Docile Ovis 114,janbasN/SE
Pastor Ovis 115S,120
Baabara, the Evangelical JanbasSE
Heidi, the Lively 202
Claire, the Sheltered 202
Mischievous Mephite noponcave
Malicious Mephite sharkmouthcave
Gerhardt, the Lone and Proud noponcave
Prowler Ovis 312NW/SE,Butte
Germaine, the Treasure Keeper 302E
Innocent Ovis 302E,316S
Impish Mephite 306N,307SE,313SW
Prowler Mephite 309SE
Stray Mephite 312E
Ferdinand, the Fortuitous 316S
Wild Mephite 306,309SW,312NW
White Ovis 405NE,415
Traveler Ovis N.MagicMt
Native Ovis 413
Clara, the Pure White 415SE
Lask, the Unscrupulous 416SE(hi)
Thug Mephite Lavacave
Prankish Mephite S.MagicMt
Lawless Mephite 502NE,504(hi),blackgate
Evil Mephite 511,Kw'arah Cloister
Brass Suid 102,biarnoS,107,wgate,112
Iron Suid biarnoE,103,106,stickrocks,114,JanbasS,121,Arlent
Steel Suid 108SW,115SE
Adamant Suid 119W,120
Silver Suid 108
Gugli, the Relentless Janbas
Megatonne, the Hell Express 106E
Little Suid wgate,103,107,stickrocks,108,110, 112,114,115S,JanbasS,120,121,Arlent
Domestic Armored Suid 119
Hard Armored Suid 119
Bogdan, the Dense 119
Brass Femina Suid 102,biarnoS,107,wgate,112
Iron Femina Suid biarnoE,103,106,stickrocks,114,JanbasS,121,Arlent
Steel Femina Suid 108SW,115S,unicliff
Adamant Femina Suid 119W,120,Sairam
Silver Femina Suid 108
Little Femina Suid wgate,108,Arlent
Bar Suid 209
Forest Suid 221
Ambush Suid 202
Olegario, the Iron-Helmed Whale's Weeper
Forest Femina Suid 219,221,222
Manuelita, the Affectionate 203NE
Miniature Suid 221
Miniature Femina Suid 219
Trained Armored Swuid 307SE,312,Butte
Macho Armored Suid 307
Melanya, the Sound Sleeper 301NE
Western Suid 305(lo)
Bronze Suid 312NE
Adamant Armored Suid 307
Crazed Femina Suid 305(lo)
Alba Femina Suid 312NE


Name Category
Theroid Criticals Up I Weapon Augments
Theroid Criticals Up V Weapon Augments
Theroid Criticals Up X Weapon Augments
Theroid Criticals Up XV Weapon Augments
Theroid Criticals Up XX Weapon Augments
Theroid Slayer I Weapon Augments
Theroid Slayer V Weapon Augments
Theroid Slayer X Weapon Augments
Theroid Slayer XV Weapon Augments
Theroid Slayer XX Weapon Augments
Max TP Up I Armor Augments
Max TP Up V Armor Augments
Max TP Up X Armor Augments
Max TP Up XV Armor Augments
Max TP Up XX Armor Augments
Potential Up I Armor Augments
Potential Up V Armor Augments
Max GP Drive I Armor Augments
Max GP Drive V Armor Augments
Max GP Drive X Armor Augments
Max GP Drive XV Armor Augments
Max GP Drive XX Armor Augments
Potential Drive I Armor Augments
Potential Drive V Armor Augments
Potential Drive X Armor Augments
Potential Drive XV Armor Augments
Potential Drive XX Armor Augments
SpecUp.PTL I Skell Weapon Augments
SpecUp.PTL V Skell Weapon Augments
CritUp.THEROID I Skell Weapon Augments
CritUp.THEROID V Skell Weapon Augments
CritUp.THEROID X Skell Weapon Augments
CritUp.THEROID XV Skell Weapon Augments
CritUp.THEROID XX Skell Weapon Augments
Slayer.THEROID I Skell Weapon Augments
Slayer.THEROID V Skell Weapon Augments
Slayer.THEROID X Skell Weapon Augments
Slayer.THEROID XV Skell Weapon Augments
Slayer.THEROID XX Skell Weapon Augments
Max TP Boost I Armor Augments
Max TP Boost V Armor Augments
Potential Boost I Armor Augments
Potential Boost V Armor Augments
Boost.PTL I Skell Frame Augments
Boost.PTL V Skell Frame Augments
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