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Rich Scintimure Meat

82 Tickets


Name Location
Electric Scintimure rootycave
Callous Scintimure 202
Tainted Scintimure 214NE
Blind Scintimure [Spores]: 405,410(air),411
?????? 416 (hi above crystalflower)
Glimmering Scintimure 418SW(air)
Bright Scintimure 416SE(air),420
Statue Scintimure 407NE,Shadowcave,Abysscave
??????? Shadowcave
Blitz Scintimure 504SW(lo),giantable(lo)
Thunder Scintimure 504SW(lo),giantable(lo)
Eddy, the Electric Heat giantable(lo)
?????? 504E(skywalk)
????Scintimure 504E(skywalk)
?????Scintimure 509(skywalk)


Name Category
HP Rebound X Armor Augments
HP Rebound XV Armor Augments
HP Rebound XX Armor Augments
Built by ζƒ…δΊ‹ζ•…