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Tasty Fish Belly

82 Tickets


Name Location
Draken, the Drifting Cloud northisle
Coral Balaena 121S,northisle
Sea Balaena 121
Rajidi, the Cumuliform 121S
Shoal Balaena northisle
Lunar Ceto 210N,221
Selenic Ceto 212
Ocean Balaena 305N,Isle(E of 319)
??????? 316
Valiant Ceto 503
Vanguard Ceto isleSEof507
golden heart 505N(air)


Name Category
Overdrive: Recover HP X Armor Augments
Overdrive: Recover HP XV Armor Augments
Overdrive: Recover HP XX Armor Augments
Overdrive.FRAME-HP X Skell Frame Augments
Overdrive.FRAME-HP XV Skell Frame Augments
Overdrive.FRAME-HP XX Skell Frame Augments
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