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Muscled Simius Bulge

54 Tickets


Name Location
Young Simius 106N,115S
Rock Simius wplains,106N,116,vangis,121S
Iron Simius 110
Blitz Simius 116
Hayreddin, the Territorial 116E
Juvenile Simius wplains,106N,110,115S,116,vangis
Furious Simius northisle
Raging Simius 217,222E
Anger Simius 205,220N,225,Whale's Gullet
Wrath Simius 202,225
Punishing Simius 220N
Demetrio, the Tempestuous Ensconced Citadel
Striker Simius 202,205,216SW,Whale's Gullet
Vice Simius 305,318SW,Ibitsa(NE),Balancerock,Ibra
Mortal Simius 315S
Diogenes, the Covetous 318SW


Name Category
Melee Attack Drive I Armor Augments
Melee Attack Drive V Armor Augments
Built by ζƒ…δΊ‹ζ•…