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Iron Lump

66 Tickets


Name Location
Neodymium Petramand 101cave
Caesar, the Hundred-Eyed Stonelattice Cavern
Europium Petramand TurtleNest
Promethium Petramand 101cave
Scandium Petramand 216
Holmium Petramand 224
Ytterby Petramand 315S
Malium Petramand E.Ibra
Promethium Petramand 318SW
Lantern Petramand Den of the Dead
Ceres Petramand 402,413,407,415NW
Lutetia Petramand 404,419S(lo)
????????? 407S
? Petramand 501S
Samarium Petramand 508SW,509(hi)
Gadolinium Petramand 504SW(hi),508SW,sunsetfall,kuara
Erbium Petramand 509SE,migand
Eisen, the Ebon Rock 509NW
Praseodymium Petramand Old Ceremonial Hollow
Truppe, the Ceaseless Dark Old Ceremonial Hollow
Dysprosium Petramand 505,506,Infernal Ledges
Terbium Petramand 506,sunsetfall
Lutetium Petramand 509NW
Piernus, the Scorcher 509NW


Name Category
Reflect Dmg Up V Armor Augments
Reflect.DAMAGE-UP V Skell Armor Augments
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