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Caecus Crest

54 Tickets


Name Location
Sludge Caecus 205,220(lo)
Dirt Caecus 216SW
??????? 220(lo)
Poisonous Caecus 419SE(lo)
Villainous Caecus 405,420(lo),Shadowcave
Andrea, the Famished Hunter 402
Cowardly Caecus 503E
Thug Caecus 502N(hi)
Precipice Caecus 508SW,509(hi),511
Land Caecus 508SW,511
??????? 508SW


Name Category
Resist Launch I Armor Augments
Resist Launch V Armor Augments
Resist.LAUNCH I Skell Armor Augments
Resist.LAUNCH V Skell Armor Augments
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