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Pristine Claw

36 Tickets


Name Location
Grassland Scirpo 114
Tree Scirpo 114,115,119,121
Green Scirpo 112N,120
Wood Scirpo 110,bigroofcave(topright),199W,120
Native Scirpo 110SW,111
Yelena, the Sequestered 120
Rapid Scirpo 116
Lapis Scirpo biarnocave
Jade Scirpo bigroofcave,arlentcave
Citrine Scirpo 109S,111
Merciful Scirpo Weeping Whitewood
Garnet Scirpo Weeping Whitewood
Desdemona, the Subterranean 222
?????? [Fog]: 215
Soma Scirpo 209
Amrita Scirpo 205,217,222
Surtr Scirpo 215,220N
Talos Scirpo 217
Carnal Scirpo 220N
Breather Scirpo 222E, Weeping Whitewood
Pillager Scirpo 205,220NW(lo),222
Logi Scirpo 305E(lo),309SE
Bacchanal Scirpo 301SE,312SE,313SW(+ring),Devil's Colony,Ibra
Shade Scirpo Devil's Colony
Nectar Scirpo 415E
Haoma Scirpo 406,412SW,413
Kvass Scirpo 416SE


Name Category
Side Attack Plus I Weapon Augments
Side Attack Plus V Weapon Augments
Side Attack Plus X Weapon Augments
Side Attack Plus XV Weapon Augments
Side Attack Plus XX Weapon Augments
PositionDmg.SIDE I Skell Frame Augments
PositionDmg.SIDE V Skell Frame Augments
PositionDmg.SIDE X Skell Frame Augments
PositionDmg.SIDE XV Skell Frame Augments
PositionDmg.SIDE XX Skell Frame Augments
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