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Tricolored Ovis Meat

34 Tickets


Name Location
Grassland Ovis 112, 114, 116
Docile Ovis 114,janbasN/SE
Pastor Ovis 115S,120
Baabara, the Evangelical JanbasSE
Heidi, the Lively 202
Claire, the Sheltered 202
Prowler Ovis 312NW/SE,Butte
Germaine, the Treasure Keeper 302E
Innocent Ovis 302E,316S
White Ovis 405NE,415
Traveler Ovis N.MagicMt
Native Ovis 413
Clara, the Pure White 415SE


Name Category
Gravity Res Up I Armor Augments
Gravity Res Up V Armor Augments
SpecUp.GRAV-RES I Skell Armor Augments
SpecUp.GRAV-RES V Skell Armor Augments
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