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Gooey Gunge

36 Tickets


Name Location
????????? 206SE
????Aeviter 206SE
Sand Aeviter 405,412,413,415,416SW(lo)
??????Aeviter Sandruncave
????????? Sandruncave
Copper Cinicula 110,114
Bronze Cinicula 110,JanbasW
Eckart, the Indestructible 110SW
Pure Cinicula 109S
Young Cinicula Janbas W
Iron Cinicula 202,208
Falchion, the Vibrant 208S
Rock Cinicula 208,218
Star Cinicula 212,218
Translucent Cinicula 417
Glow Cinicula 407NE,410SE,412N
Thaddaeus, the Ultramafic 417SW
Lava Cinicula migandbaseE
Calore, the Lava Walker 503S(lo)
Volcannon Cinicula 506,giantable(lo)


Name Category
Max GP Drive I Armor Augments
Max GP Drive V Armor Augments
Built by ζƒ…δΊ‹ζ•…