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Energy Tube

22 Tickets


Name Location
Pawn Puge 119
Prototype Puge 101S
Remote Puge northisle
Spear Puge 101S,119
Border Puge 210NW
Dagger Puge 305,Mesafort
Sword Puge 321SE,Wayne,Antnest
Booster Puge 309N
Lance Puge 307N
Knight Puge 404NE,406NE,413N,416,HiralFort
Guarder Puge 404NE,412N,415NW(hi),HiralFort,Vadelfort
Luminous Puge 415SW(hi),Abysssummit
Night Combat Puge 505(hi)
Gate Puge 501
?????Puge 502N(hi)
Fighter Puge 502(hi),whitelake
Cavalier Puge 505(hi)/NW,508W,511NW
Solid Puge 504/E(skywalk),507N,508W
Coffin Puge 504E(skywalk),507,516SW,Old Ceremonial Hollow
Prototype Puge in building near front of clifffort
Night Combat Puge [19:00~5:00]: 505(hi)


Name Category
Aura: Refuel I Armor Augments
Aura: Refuel V Armor Augments
Aura: Refuel X Armor Augments
Aura: Refuel XV Armor Augments
Aura: Refuel XX Armor Augments
Built by ζƒ…δΊ‹ζ•…