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Oc-serv Hand

54 Tickets


Name Location
Ataraxia Oc-serv top of shoulder
Rubidium Oc-serv 211
Si-el, the Vacuous 212
Chromium Oc-serv 315,322
Ro-dam, the Demon Claw 308S
Titanium Oc-serv 407NE,410,412N,415,Quaycave, Abysssum,Screechcave
Oc-serv, the Ancient 420S(lo)
Tellurium Oc-serv 403N
Niobium Oc-serv 416
Thallium Oc-serv 404NE,412(hi),418S,420NW(lo), 1stAnv,HiralFort,Vadelfort
Bismuth Oc-serv 404
Reject Oc-serv Quaycave
????Oc-serv 504E(skywalk),505(hi)
Rhenium Oc-serv foxfort,migand,Old Ceremonial Hollow,growthcave
??????? 505(hi)
Rebel Oc-serv blackgate
????Oc-serv kuara


Name Category
Critical Chance Up I Weapon Augments
Critical Chance Up V Weapon Augments
Critical Chance Up X Weapon Augments
Critical Chance Up XV Weapon Augments
Critical Chance Up XX Weapon Augments
CriticalUp I Skell Weapon Augments
CriticalUp V Skell Weapon Augments
CriticalUp X Skell Weapon Augments
CriticalUp XV Skell Weapon Augments
CriticalUp XX Skell Weapon Augments
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