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Blue Milsaadi Hood

48 Tickets


Name Location
Milsaadi Executioner HiralFort,Vadelfort,Den of the Dead,Shadowcave
Milsaadi?????? Quaycave
Badul, the One-Eyed 409NW
Milsaadi?????? Vadelfort
Milsaadi?????? Abysscave
?????? Corpsecave


Name Category
Beam Res Up X Armor Augments
Beam Res Up XV Armor Augments
Beam Res Up XX Armor Augments
SpecUp.BEAM-RES X Skell Armor Augments
SpecUp.BEAM-RES XV Skell Armor Augments
SpecUp.BEAM-RES XX Skell Armor Augments
Built by ζƒ…δΊ‹ζ•…