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Mephite Stinkbag

50 Tickets


Name Location
Mischievous Mephite noponcave
Malicious Mephite sharkmouthcave
Gerhardt, the Lone and Proud noponcave
Impish Mephite 306N,307SE,313SW
Prowler Mephite 309SE
Stray Mephite 312E
Ferdinand, the Fortuitous 316S
Wild Mephite 306,309SW,312NW
Lask, the Unscrupulous 416SE(hi)
Thug Mephite Lavacave
Prankish Mephite S.MagicMt
Lawless Mephite 502NE,504(hi),blackgate
Evil Mephite 511,Kw'arah Cloister


Name Category
High Danger Surge I Armor Augments
High Danger Surge V Armor Augments
Built by ζƒ…δΊ‹ζ•…