Cool! Facebook adds comment editing. Here's how to do it:

1. Post your comment.
2. Notice you misspelled something
3. Hover over the right side of the comment box and a little icon will appear that says "edit or delete"

4. Edit your post
a. Some message pops up saying you can view the edit history. (There goes the possibility of editing your post to say something totally different to make the people after you look like morons)

b. Aaaand this is the what the edit history screen looks like.

Happy editing! :)

Must schedule young Brad Pitt photo shoot..

I keep getting search engine traffic for keywords "young Brad Pitt". I posted an article a few years back with a comparison photo and I guess people just search for Brad Pitt so much that I'm getting the trickle down traffic. Well, I thought it would be amusing to take a few photos of Brad Pitt when he was younger and reproduce them with me as the double. Anyone in the Tampa bay area with a DSLR who thinks this might be fun.. Hit me up! :)

Creeper chat on facebook "I wasn't born. I woke up with no memory."

Alyssa Woiak Hey what's up
Joe Jiko fighting sleep and sickness. you?
Alyssa Woiak Um nothen chillen being really bored haha I hope u feel better ! Where u from?
Joe Jiko I'm from everywhere. Currently live in Florida.
Alyssa Woiak Oh cool what part of florida
Joe Jiko tampa bay
Alyssa Woiak Oh that's cool your hott btw lol
Joe Jiko oh thanks
Alyssa Woiak Your welcome how old r u ? And do u drive
Joe Jiko I'm ageless and of course I drive.
Alyssa Woiak No really how old r u ? I am 23
Joe Jiko No really, I don't have an age. >__>
Alyssa Woiak What year were u born
Joe JikoI wasn't born.
I woke up with no memory.
Alyssa WoiakU r such a lier u had 2 be born u didn't just fall the earth with no mom
Joe Jiko Perhaps I did!
I could be an alien from space.
I always thought I was because I have no belly button.
Alyssa Woiak Wtf I don't believe u
Um I don't believe that either
Joe Jiko OK, well it doesn't really matter, does it?
You can pretend I'm 100 if you want.
Alyssa Woiak Um u were born with a belly button lol
Joe Jiko I already told you, I wasn't born.
Alyssa Woiak yea u were I wi
Will call the cops and ask if u r real and ask what year u were born
Joe Jiko Haha. Why would the cops reveal private information?
Alyssa Woiak Um I have a friend that's a cop and he would tell me
Joe Jiko That would be illegal. He wouldn't tell you.
And if he did, I would sue both of you.
Alyssa Woiak Oh well I will ask him and u couldn't sue shit because u don't kno his name
Joe Jiko I know your name and I know how to file a civil lawsuit. I know how to get a court order to have facebook reveal your name, address, IP address and any other information about you. I also know how to research people you know and people who live near you who might be police officers.
Alyssa Woiak um well they live out of state and u were born feb
Joe Jiko LOL. No I wasn't. That's just what I put on facebook.
I think it's amusing seeing people wish me a happy birthday on a day that's not actually my birthday.
Alyssa Woiak um well yea i can find out your info but i am not doing it someone else is so i have no part in it
Joe Jiko Silly girl.
Alyssa Woiak what sexy
i am gonna text u okj
Joe Jiko I don't do texting. I have a smartphone meh.
Alyssa Woiak u have a cell phone and it has texingh i bet
Joe Jiko It does, but I haven't used it for texting in years.
I only use my phone for business, actually.
Alyssa Woiak OH WELL
Joe Jiko I'm older than you
Alyssa Woiak oh i see well i want u 2 text me
how old r u
Joe Jiko 100
Alyssa Woiak no
i am gonna find out when u were born and everything but my friend is doping it for me
so i wont be in it
Joe Jiko Haha. You won't find anything on me. My information is classified. I work for the government.
In fact, if your "friend" tries to look up my information, I'll be notified.
Alyssa Woiak um yea they can they know how 2 do that kind of shit with out u finding out about it cuz they work threw the cops
Joe Jiko Not without a court order. Which he'll never get, since he has no reason to look up my private information.
Alyssa Woiak i really dont fucking care u r not hott like i thought
Joe Jiko Awwh. Am I too complicated for you?
Alyssa Woiak no your not my type and i live out of state
Joe Jiko Oh, I thought you just wanted to be friends.
Alyssa Woiak um i want a bf but not someone thats a dick
Joe Jiko Excuse me?
Are you calling me a dick after you threatened to have your cop friend investigate me and violate my privacy?
Alyssa Woiak what
Joe Jiko or are you calling me a dick for not revealing my age to you?
Alyssa Woiak all the above
Joe Jiko Then you're the dick.
Alyssa Woiak um no i dont have one
Joe Jiko All evidence supports you being a dick.
You must have one. I bet it's enormous.
Alyssa Woiak um no i have a pussy
Joe Jiko So vulgar.
Alyssa Woiak wtf

My favorite parts were:

  •  "Oh that's cool your hott btw lol" <-- incorrect use of "your"

  • "Will call the cops and ask if u r real and ask what year u were born" <-- wtf??

  • "I don't do texting. I have a smartphone meh." after the "I don't do texting" part is an implied "with people who can't spell"

What was your favorite part?  Let me know in the comments :)

If you're still texting.. there's a better way to do that.

Alternatives to texting for all users (dumb, smart, or no phone):

1) Email

Simple enough. Email is actually my preferred method of contact. Most people don't know this, but almost every mobile carrier gives you an email address. That's right, for example Verizon customers will be (phone#) Your phone will actually text to emails if you type an email address instead of a phone number in the "to" field.

2) Google voice

- unlimited, searchable history of text messages (no more memory full)

- send messages from your computer

- supports blacklisting/blocking for annoying people who don't know how to take a hint

- backs up contacts (never have to send out a "new phone, send me your numbers" message   again)

cons: currently doesn't support MMS (photo and video messaging)

3) facebook

- mobile friendly

- instant chat system

- tells you if someone is "online"

- "everyone" has it

- people keep the same account for years if not forever

cons: crashes constantly, messaging system doesn't work properly, missing messages often, difficult to keep track of friends, spammy, lack of control, slow, advertising


4) google+/google talk

- mobile friendly

- send emails or SMS alerts

- real-time text chat

- group chat

- video chat/hangouts

- full control over sharing and information

cons: google+ is still new with limited mainstream adaption and no API (update: read-only API was released)

unfriend responses and analysis collection #1

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"I always thought facebook was more for the potential of conversation"

"Should I apologize for attempting to have at least one conversation with you before we both forget about each other?"

"Contrary to your suspicions, no girl has ever broken my heart."

"If you want a better sample of my personality, I do have a Twitter."

Some questions raised:

1) How does one's boyfriend delete a lot of friends on "accident"? Have your tried deleting someone on facebook? It definitely requires a conscious effort.

2) Do you think I'm creepy? PS, If you can't answer "Why?", then your opinion doesn't matter.

Social media best practices/food for thought:

1) Instead of deleting someone from your friend list or unfollowing them because "they've never tried to have a conversation with you", How about you try starting a conversation with them? If they never reply, they're probably not worth keeping around. What's the use in "deleting" your connections with people? It would make sense if we had to pay per friend (or hundred friends?) or if there weren't instant search functions in place. So go start a conversation instead of closing the door on somebody you never gave a real chance to.

2) Don't assume somebody is being rude if they're questioning you about your actions or beliefs. Try to appreciate the time they're spending on you and the effort they're taking to challenge your thoughts. If you can't defend yourself, maybe you're not as firmly placed in your beliefs as you thought. There is no right or wrong, only difference in perception and opinion.

Thought cloud of Attractive and Unattractive qualities in women (or people in general)

I received an email today from a friend of mine with this question. I decided to devote some thought to it and see what answers I could pull from my twitter/facebook community.

My list

attractive qualities:
honesty, compassion, understanding.
respectful, classy, articulate, intelligent, educated, curious

must be able to listen, compromise and problem solve without becoming upset
in control of herself and her emotions
loyal, thoughtful, selfless

aware of her strengths and weaknesses
socially active, friendly, and engaging

healthy, physically active, sports or exercise

unattractive qualities:
jealousy, excessive anger, intolerance, need for control
disorganized, obsessive, messy, dirty, vulgar


acting out for attention, inappropriate dress

physically lashing out, pushy, abuse

From twitter:

"Attractive: Being strong and powerfu. i.e. @JENNIWOWW"

"Girls who "need" you. #unattractive"

"Girls who eat like slobs.  #unattractive"

@inshaneshane "girls who consistently whine  #unattractive"

@m0llybee "An outgoing personality is attractive, sluttiness isnt."

@mandagoesrawr "attractive: when a girl knows they are classy sassy & confident without having anyone tell them..unattractive: extreme insecurity"

@ardehp "(unattractive: girls)  that don't take the pill when they have a regular fling every few days. Why force the men to wear tight latex around them?"

From Facebook:

Elle Harmer "I'd say lack of self... not being able to define herself without an outside romantic influence"

Thanks to everyone who contributed :)


Twitter profile photos

Newest first. If you have any saved that I may have missed, send them over!


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