Summary: 1) Instead of deleting someone from your friend list or unfollowing them because "they've never tried to have a conversation with you", How about you try starting a conversation with them…If they never reply, they're probably not worth keeping around…What's the use in "deleting" your connections with people
Summary: instead of unfriending people who have never talked to you, how about taking some initiative to start a conversation and seeing if they respond? facebook's news feed actually has a setting to only show posts from people you've "interacted with recently". This means that people who you you've rarely or never interacted with may never show up! there's an arrow on the news feed that will let you adjust this so show "most recent results". try interacting with new people and my guess is you'll be quite happy with the results!…[link] [image]…I have a "no deletion" policy when it comes to anything digital. However, if someone shows that they're not interested in me or my life, I'll adjust my settings so that facebook knows they aren't as important to me. Pro tips ;)