"I always thought facebook was more for the potential of conversation"
"Should I apologize for attempting to have at least one conversation with you before we both forget about each other?"
"Contrary to your suspicions, no girl has ever broken my heart."
"If you want a better sample of my personality, I do have a Twitter."
Some questions raised:
1) How does one's boyfriend delete a lot of friends on "accident"? Have your tried deleting someone on facebook? It definitely requires a conscious effort.
2) Do you think I'm creepy? PS, If you can't answer "Why?", then your opinion doesn't matter.
Social media best practices/food for thought:
1) Instead of deleting someone from your friend list or unfollowing them because "they've never tried to have a conversation with you", How about you try starting a conversation with them? If they never reply, they're probably not worth keeping around. What's the use in "deleting" your connections with people? It would make sense if we had to pay per friend (or hundred friends?) or if there weren't instant search functions in place. So go start a conversation instead of closing the door on somebody you never gave a real chance to.
2) Don't assume somebody is being rude if they're questioning you about your actions or beliefs. Try to appreciate the time they're spending on you and the effort they're taking to challenge your thoughts. If you can't defend yourself, maybe you're not as firmly placed in your beliefs as you thought. There is no right or wrong, only difference in perception and opinion.

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