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Just.. make sure you don't fuck up and go to the wrong house.
Some old, half-toothless man rang the doorbell this morning at 8am.
I thought it was a friend of mine coming to take me to work, but alas, it was not.
Here was this man missing half his teeth, holding his hand extended with a $10 bill.
Confused the shit out of me. I open the door and he's standing there, trying to give me money.
Anyway, with a short delay he decided it was time to speak. He said "I wanna get some of those xanax", at which point he actually half-smiled a little bit and in the most creepy way possible.
My response, obviously, was a simple and firm "no."
Not good enough for this guy!
"Your roommates then?"
"You're not the guy in the red car sitting out there that said to come upstairs for xanax?"
"Does he live here?"
"No. Bye."
And I closed the door.
Have you ever been woken up by a neighbor for something weird?
Tell me about it in the comments

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