Posted an observation to facebook.
Received emotionally loaded attacks.
"Don't dis on the fatties!. I'm a fattie! I thought you loved me.    Guess I was wrong."
"Thats actually an incredibly rude thing to say...
I mean you're obviously entitled to your own opinion but after all of the things I see you say about how everyone is a person and we should all just strive to be nice and acceptable to everyone else, it's kind of like a contradiction for you to say something so blatantly rude..."
What?? An observation cannot be rude!
Being fat is a physical state of being. It's an observable fact, not rude.
The definition of fat is:

(of a person or animal) Having a large amount of excess flesh.

Observing that someone is fat is no different than seeing someone with blue eyes and saying that they have blue eyes.
"Hey you have blue eyes!"
"That's so rude!"
Ridiculous, right? Somehow our culture ties the word "fat" into something offensive. It's not.
Some people like blue eyes and some people prefer brown eyes. That's an opinion.
That someone has a color eye or excess flesh is a fact.
"It is rude, though, the way you said it.
I mean obviously, if someone is overweight or whatever, it's not being an asshole, but the way that you said it wasn't like "Oh, she's heavier than most of the other girls" or in an acceptable way. It was "lol 90% skinny bitches and no fatties scoooore" which kind of disgusts me because I didnt think you were that shallow"
That's a lot of emotional assumptions there. I am not you.
Also, I never stated my opinion!
Somehow there's the assumption that
1) if there are no "fatties" than everyone is skinny.
This was not the case.
2) there was no mention of what i personally thought about the situation.
for all anyone knows, i was disappointed that nobody there was fat. (i wasn't, just surprised)
3) saying the word fat does not make you shallow!
It doesn't matter how you say it. Somebody is either fat or not.
An example of a "shallow" person and fat people would be something like:
"We had a great conversation and she seems like a nice person but I don't want to be around her because she's fat!"
In related news, the word skinny is offensive!
"Some people are attracted to specific types. That doesn't make them shallow."
"Fat girls are the greatest, something to hold on to, more to love, more room for tattoos, bigger boobs. I'm curvy and proud    your loss joe."
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