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I'm curious to find out why people seem to assume there's always a second chance.
There isn't.
In fact, sometimes you don't even get ONE chance.
Your life is a single chance.
Every choice you make is a chance.
Every breath you take..
Simple enough, right?
If someone was willing to take a risk on you and give you a chance, you should be walking on eggshells to make sure you don't fuck it up.
The USCB estimates that the world population exceeded 7 billion on March 12, 2012.
That means if I gave every person 1 chance.. that would be 7 billion chances.
Unfortunately, I have a "chance giving" quota.
(It's very similar to my "fucks given" quota)
That means not all of you are going to get a single chance.
Actually.. almost none of you will.
These days there's a chance shortage.
So if you're one of the lucky few..
Don't fuck it up.
PS, I don't know who the fuck the USCB. I found that stat on Google.

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